Top 10 Tools Every Driver Should Have

When embarking on a journey with a lot of unpleasant things lie awaiting us, the most obvious being the vehicle breakdown. This is certainly something every driver would want to avoid. However, having the right tools with you will work out the uncertain event perfectly. Below are the top tools a driver should always ensure in the vehicle before igniting the engine.

10. Funnel

At a certain point the vehicle will require a top up of the fuel. Having a funnel as simple as the plastic one will definitely be important. The old engines are more prone to the trend of refilling after a short distance. However, you have to remember to keep the funnel clean.

9. Pliers And Screwdrivers

A road side repair will require some fastening of bolts of cutting up a wire. The screwdrivers generally help in tightening bolts especially those attached to the wheels of loosening some. The pliers on the other hand will help you gripping wires or bend a part of the car.

8. Coolant

Every vehicle can undergo a hose burst which will necessitate the need of cooling. Carrying a gulf of coolant is definitely a thing for every driver and especially those travelling in lonely and deserted areas which are hard to find someone to turn to.

7. Safety Reflector

A safety reflector is as important as remembering to carry the car key. This is simply because the vehicle will break down at any point along the road without a prior notice. This certainly requires you to put up the reflectors to avoid causing accidents to other travelers.

6. Tire Pressure Gauge

Though the cars are being built up with a system that monitors the tire pressure, they have no tire pressure gauges. This is thus a requirement to keep in check. It generally helps you in evaluating the atmospheric pressure of the tires. It will also do well when using the spare tire as you will have to first check its pressure.

5. Spare Tire

The spare tire is definitely a tool not to forget as you hardly come across people you familiarize with in case of a breakdown to assist you.

4. Jack

With roads having many sorts of protrusions, punctures are common to all vehicles. They may also be initiated by other causes such as low pressure in the tire. The jack plays an important role in such incidents. It generally aids in changing into the spare tire and thus a tool for every driver.

Driver Should Have

3. An Empty Fuel Gallon

Filling stations are barely placed in every part of the road. Vehicles on the other hand will always run short of fuel from time to time and having an empty can with which you can rush to the filling station with for some fuel is certainly a wise thing.

2. Luggage Compartment

A tiny bag to keep your work cloths is largely important. The coveralls and gloves will certainly have to be in the bag for easy repairs on the roadside. Cleaners after repairs are also necessary and will be placed in the bag as well as a towel.

1. Glove Box

The box is certainly one of the most significant tools a driver will have. Here, you can place road maps, spare fuses or torch for the night emergencies. A copy of the driver’s license and a telephone card are also kept here.


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