Top 10 Reasons Why Your Car May Not Start

It is so irritating when you are late for work because of the breakdown in the car or the car doesn’t start. Here are the top 10 reasons for the car not to start.

10. Starter Motor:

The starter motor is the heart of an engine. It makes the piston move upwards and downwards. It is mandatory that the starter motor should be powerful enough to start the car. If there is damage in the starter motor, then the combustion does not take place in an even manner. This is one of the reasons for the car not to start.

9. Ignition Coil:

The ignition coil in the car consists of an induction coil that aids in transforming the voltage from the battery to a higher voltage. The ignition coil is also commonly known as the induction coil-transformer. If the right amount of voltage is not supplied to the car, it won’t start.

8. Bad Crank Sensor:

Commonly known as crank position-sensor, the crank sensor is an important part of a car. If the engine is not in proper shape and order, the vehicle won’t start. This checks the firing order of the cylinders. If cylinders are not fired in order, the car won’t start immediately.

7. Lack of Fuel:

When the car is out of fuel it won’t start. The lack of oil in the vehicle is indicated by the fuel indicator. So it is always advisable to check the fuel tank if the vehicle doesn’t start.

6. PCM /ECM failure:

The Engine control –Module reads the information from all the sensors and indicates the fuel intake so that the efficiency of the vehicle is higher. So the ECM should provide information in the regular intervals for the vehicle to work properly. If this fails anytime, your car won’t start.

5. Timing Belt:

The timing belt controls the fuel entry and exit from. The valves keep on opening and closing in specific time for the fuel to enter. If the valves do not open and close in a specific time, it leads to choking in the fuel. So you may face problems when you’re starting a car.

4. Lack of Combustion:

Combustion if the process when the fuel and air is mixed together. If the fuel is not compressed properly, there won’t be proper combustion of fuels. The piston rings are worn out because of this. The external and internal valves of the cylinders get damaged. Thus this is one of the major reasons why the car doesn’t start.

3. Spark Plug:

The spark plug is used for providing the spark to start the vehicle. This is used mostly on the petrol engine as the ignition temperature of petrol is more. So with the spark, the fuel is ignited to start the vehicle. If the spark plug is broken or damaged, then your car won’t start.

2. Choked Fuel Filter:

A fuel filter is an important part of a car. It plays a vital role to keep off the dirt from entering the fuel cylinder. Once the fuel filter is clogged and choked, this will lead to adulteration of the fuel. Fuel is not mixed properly. This is one of the reasons why your car doesn’t start.

Fuel Filter

1. Dead Battery:

Many times the battery of your car goes dead. This is one of the reasons why the car doesn’t start. So before you go to the mechanic, you need to check is the battery is functional or not. If not, you need to make a replacement.

dead battery


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