Top 10 Reasons why you Must Own a Car

We live in the world where luxury and comfort is everything. With the latest hi tech gadgets the ultimate luxurious life style has emerged for men. We want to make the daily life as simpler and easy as possible. To increase our comfort levels we bring in cars. In today’s world it is not just a luxury. Owning a vehicle is a necessity now. Be it office or be it weekend shopping every now and then you miss having a private vehicle. There are many reasons for which you can go ahead and get a car home. With so many brands out there in the market you can choose the one that suits your needs. Here are the 10 reasons for you to own a car.

10. Style statement.

The gadget world has undergone a massive change since the advent of the 21st century. There are so many renowned companies making designer cars that suit every individuals speed and style needs. Be it the simple car or an SUV each car can add an impression to your lifestyle. Grand colors and crisp features add glory to your house in front of which stands your lavish vehicle. It sure has enough to make you turn eyes when you enter any ceremony or a party. A car can any time make you create your own style statement.


9. Hang out with friends.

We all enthusiastically wait for the weekends to arrive. At the weekends we plan for movies and outings . A trip to the beach or the nearby grand park. All is good but what about the transport. When you have to cover so many spots in one day using a public transport is a pain. Also waiting for friends at the station trying to locate each other is bothersome. Having a private vehicle sounds convenient  Ask you friends to gather at your place and then leave for your fun filled day in your car. No matter where you have to reach it is not a bother. Travelling becomes fun with all your friends in the back seat of your car.


8. Date with your partner.

Just imagine this. You ask your love lady out on a date after months of wait. She said a yes. You are all set to make an impression on her. From clothes to the restaurant everything is decided carefully. But are you going to take her in cab? Or make her hang in the train in that lavish dress she is wearing? Its a bad idea for a date. Owning a car not only helps you set an impression but also makes the girl feel secured. She does not have to continuously face unwanted perverts and lechers on the way. Not having to bother about others she can fully concentrate on you. Before asking your lady out better be prepared for the transport.


7. So many tempting offers.

It is a matter of the past that buying a car was an expensive deal. Now with easy finances the common men’s dream of owning a vehicle has become a reality. There are various banking schemes under which you can buy your kind of car at your convenience. The manufacturers too come up with various schemes that add to the benefit of the buyer. The improvement in the technology has made the cars more fuel efficient. So with so much of ease why not have your own vehicle instead of going through the local transport. Give it a thought.


6. Go Shopping.

Shopping we just love it don’t we. But half of the time we lose all that energy simply to reach the shopping destination. And if your wife is fond of shopping and sick of travelling then be prepared to spend on A.C. cabs. Just imagine all the shopping that has to be done. The burden of all that bags that needs to be carried home. Waiting for a cab or bus or hanging in the train. Having your own vehicle eases up the burden to a large extent. You can conveniently reach your destination shop and back.


5. For emergencies.

Life is a very delicate thing. Anything can happen any time. God forbid but what will you do if something happens in your family member in the middle of the night? How will you get the needy to the hospital on time. Late at night its not so easy to get local medical help. Nor transport is available so easily. And we all know we cannot rely on the ambulance. Having a private vehicle can be the life saver in emergencies. Be it your wife going into labor or dad suffering a stroke your car will be the helping hand or i must say the helping wheel.


4. For Business.

Today’s is a commercialized world. From small scale to large scale people are running all sorts of business  Most of the companies today offer pick up an drop facility. For this they constantly need vehicles and drivers. You can bag an income out of this. You can buy a car like Tavera or Scorpio that has a lot of sitting space. And then get it hired by any of the company. Within a short while you get what you invested in buying a car. If you have a small scale goods business you can purchase some mini truck kind of vehicles that can be your aid in your work.


3. For family picnics.

It is very important to have a family time . Once in a while you need to go on picnics or movie or dinner with them. When you have kids there are constant demands of going to the amusement parks and zoos. It is really difficult to roam around with ever so excited kids and the picnic baggage. It is difficult to handle them when on a train or waiting for bus. When you own a vehicle you can give your family more of a quality time. You can take them anywhere without having to worry about the baggage and transport. A picnic will be really fun singing along the way with your kids and wife.


2. For various occasions.

Living in a country like India where there are so many festivals through out the year half the year goes in preparing for the occasion  Each festival demands shopping. Each festival demands visiting your loved and dear ones with the whole family. Secondly if there is any occasion like for example a wedding in the house just imagine all the work. Tremendous shopping. Lots of guests. Going every now and then to receive your guests at the airport or railway station. Arranging the caterers and cards and venue etc. This is just one occasion  There are many others throughout the year where you constantly are on the run. Having your own vehicle can indeed lessen your burden. Be it receiving your guests or arranging the venue your own sweet car is always there.


1. Ease of daily commute.

The most common reason for getting a car is the ease of daily travelling. We all have our jobs which we just can’t avoid. We have to reach the office that to on time. In a city like Mumbai the public transport though an option is never easy. With the tremendous rush in the peak hours and tiresome journeys most of the people end up with their own vehicles. Although fuel price hike is a concern but with all the advantages of having a car a buyer seems to neglect it. Cut short your daily hassle and get your own car.

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