Top 10 Most Irritating Things Some Drivers Do

During travelling through car, you might have faced some of these annoying situations. Here is a list of top ten annoying activities done by other drivers on road:

10. Keeping high beams on: Too much light is always dangerous for people on road. Whenever you are driving, make sure that your high beams are off because whenever high beams directly fall in the retina of an oncoming driver, he might not able to see anything and crash into your car. These high beams are quite annoying and dangerous to oncoming traffic.

9. Not signalling during changing lanes: Using turning signals are the basic acts of driving. However, most of the time drivers do not follow the rules of signalling lights. They usually do not switch on the signal lights during changing lanes and also, most of the time; they leave the turning lights on while driving straight.

8. Using cell phones while driving: Talking or texting while driving is quite serious issue. Drivers performing two things at single time can cause serious accidents, or they become slow or can cause some serious damage to people on road.

7. Not wiping off snow from their cars: There are so many people who avoid cleaning the snow off their car window before driving. It is highly dangerous and can cause crash-landings and possibilities of smashing windshields. This is indeed an annoying habit.

6. Driving on top speed on road: Driving on high speed is too risky as on that speed the driver has to control over the car and can be responsible for any incident. Any sudden change in the speed can cause fatal accident which is not something you want to do.

5. Overreacting to a fault: Sometimes drivers overreact to other people’s honest mistake made mostly during driving. Instead of overreacting, they can easily accept their apology and avoid being harsh. But, instead of doing that, they overreact and go for unnecessary scuffle.

4. Taking unnecessary space for parking expensive car: There are drivers who do not allow others to park beside their car as theirs’ are the expensive ones. This is absolutely wrong and irritating. If that person is driving an expensive car then he should go to some far end of the parking place and keep the car.

Irritating Things

3. Inappropriately secured load inside car: There are so many people who store big and hazardous loads inside their car during driving. This will cause problem to the person sitting behind. Seeking help from others can solve the problem.

2. Driving in the left lane: Some people use to drive in the far left which stops people in the behind to speed up their car. People are forced to keep the same speed which is irritating and quite annoying. During driving everyone should follow the rule and pass through the passing lane.

1. Driving with defective car parts: Car needs a regular maintenance for the person’s own safety.  However, putting back the maintenance of car depicts that you are not serious about your life and other’s life. Everyone should replace their defective car parts to avoid accidents and pollution.


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