Top 10 Family Friendly Minivan

Top 10 Family MinivanMinivans are also referred to as multi-utility vehicles. These are the best cars to have if you have a large family. With minivans, you and your family can enjoy long or short trips. Minivans have a variety of features that make the travel more comfortable and enjoyable at the same time. Basically, they offer a larger size compared to regular cars, more luggage capacity, comfortable interiors, advanced safety systems, entertainment systems and strong engines. With these features at hand, minivans are a top car choice for families.

The various brands and models of minivans are also something that must be considered. Here are the top 10 family friendly minivans today:

Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna is the top ranking minivan today. This is definitely the best vehicle for people with families. This has a maximum seating capacity of around 8 people, and this also offers a lot of space for your cargo. The interior of the car comes with several features like MP3, AM, FM, and CD player that comes with 6 speakers. Moreover, this also comes with iPod, Bluetooth phone connectivity, and standard XM, of all which are perfect for entertaining your family. This also comes with great safety features. Moreover, this is a fuel economic car, which gives you an estimated mileage of around 20 mpg. Driving as well as handling this minivan is indeed smooth and fun. According to, the premium Canadian online insurance comparison website, Toyota Sienna also has considerably low insurance premium comparing to other minivans which makes it more suitable for families.

Dodge Grand Caravan

The Dodge Grand Caravan can accommodate around 7 people, and this also offers a comfortable ride with its extra comfy and spacious seating space. This also comes with features like FM, AM, DVD, CD, and HDD radio with six speakers. Moreover, this vehicle also comes with standard Sirius radio as well as 30 GB music file storage capacity. In addition to these features, the Dodge Grand Caravan comes with a V6 gasoline engine plus 6-speed transmission that provides you with the fastest acceleration. The EPA rating of this vehicle is 21 mpg.

Kia Sedona

The Kia Sedona offers a generous space with its elongated chassis. You can definitely bring your family members and all the things that you need for the trip. The safety rating and crash rating of this vehicle is also good. This should ensure that your family will be safe and secure while riding in this vehicle. This also comes with a V6 engine, which provides a rather powerful performance. In addition to this, the handling of this minivan is exceptional, and you may easily cruise with this minivan even on wet roads.

Honda Odyssey

Honda is number 1 popular brand in Canada according to The Honda Odyssey also offers a generous space in addition to a comfortable seating capacity. The third row seat of this vehicle can be folded to create more space intended for your cargo. This vehicle might be more expensive compared to the other types of minivans yet this offers advanced entertainment features and safety system. The combined mileage of this car is 21 mpg.

Mazda 5

The Mazda 5 is actually a sports style minivan, which lets you have some sports adventure with your family. The interior of this minivan is classy, and this can provide sufficient space for your cargo at 44 cubic feet. This also features traction as well as stability control which adds up to the safety features of the car. This car offers smooth handling and efficient performance.

Volkswagen Routan

This minivan comes with a V6 engine providing you with an exceptional fuel economic performance. This is designed with lavish interior complete with comfortable seats as well as power sliding doors. This also comes with entertainment system features like DVD player and iPod interface.

Nissan Quest

This minivan offers a seating capacity for 7 people, and this is designed to provide you and your family with a comfortable travel experience. This also comes with a spacious interior, which allows you to bring with you the necessary items that you need for the trip. Moreover, this comes with AM, FM as well as 6 CD system and 6 speakers. This also comes with the standard iPod through a USB jack.

Chrysler Town and Country

This vehicle offers a unique style with a powerful performance. This minivan also offers features for convenience and entertainment. Moreover, the safety features of this minivan are also exceptional.

Chevrolet Uplander

This minivan is definitely one of the favorite choices for families. This comes with a roomy interior for the passengers as well as the cargo. Moreover, this comes with entertainment features like rear seat DVD system, which will definitely entertain the members of your family while on the road.

Ford Freestar

The Ford Freestar comes with an exceptional safety system that is perfect for families with kids. This minivan offers comfort in addition to convenience. Moreover, this also offers a great entertainment system for the entire family.


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