Top 10 Reasons to Say No to Cruel Wars

A man is a diplomatic hypocritical animal. Is man an animal? Some people say that it is an insult to God if we call a man an animal because God has created a very significant difference between a man and an animal; that difference is the ability and power to think, to understand, to discover and to bring a revolutionary change. Yet despite all these endowments, there is a friction of animal instincts present inside the humans.

A man is in “happy go merry” mood as long as the world revolves around him as per his dictations and desires, but the same man abruptly turns into a devil incarnation (animal) when his invocations cease to come true or when his fate refuses to take stand for him. At this stage, the same person wishes to turn the entire world into an inferno. His sole ambition is to bring violence. This violence can be of many kinds; it can be physical or verbal harassment, rapes, mass killing, abduction, destruction of public property etc. A man can have many comprehensions to turn towards violence, some of his reasoning can be valid to an extent but at the end of the day all his deeds will be fallacious and erroneous.

Another question arises here; why is fighting considered abominable? Here I m going to discuss the top ten reasons to say a big NO to fighting.


“Tom and Jerry” cartoon, something we all are very much familiar with. They always fight and always try to harm each other. They do it do because tom is a cat and Jerry is mouse; they both belong to two different kinds. A dog never kills a dog, instead it seeks a cat. A lion, although being the king of the jungle never kills a lion. A tiger, mouse, goat or a sheep; they do not kill its own kind. They sometimes quarrel over trifle but they have no intention of killing or causing any serious harm. We have all seen ants in our childhood and we try to follow the trail of the ant. Actually it is a message which dear God is trying to give us. He is trying to teach us a lesson of our childhood that we should always work together with our brothers. When these animals, who have no sense of thinking care for their own kind then why can’t we human care for each other. We humans are bestowed with so much wisdom. We are the off springs of the same Adam; then why kill our own kind?


Violence refers to the usage of ammunition. These ammunition require the gun powder and when one bullet is fired into the air, some other injurious gases are also transferred in the environment. No need to mention explosions which are done with the help of bombs; we are all very well aware with the fact that what harm they bring to the humans as well as the atmosphere. History remembers the destruction which was brought in Nagasaki and Hiroshima by the atomic bombs, the ambience there is still under the effects of that Atomic explosion.


Everything we do in this world is divided into two categories; either it is right or it is wrong. (We have some exceptions sometimes but mostly it is either right or wrong). So violence means bringing harm to other humans and if we hurt other then naturally it is not a good thing. All those things which are not good are bad and bad things are wrong. When we do something wrong God always punishes us. So if we bring violence, in the end we will be the one who suffers.


According to the Newton’s third law of motion, every action has equal but opposite reaction. It means that if we slap a person, the person will hit you back with the same force. If you try to harm a person, the person will also harm you with the same effect. So if you bring violence, the same violence will be brought to you. It’s better to show some respect towards the Synopsis of a man who played such a big role in changing the face of the earth.


“Everything you give to this world will one day come back to you, the hatred you give to others will one day come back to you; love others, so that love will come back to you”. Violence represents only one thing; hatred. If you spend your life hating others, you will only receive hatred from others. You will have no one to love you, no one to care for you, no one to cry for you.  You will be compelled to live alone for your entire life.


Life is so beautiful. Not only life but everything around you is so beautiful; the sky, the moon, the clouds, the rain, these forest, these birds, these deserts, the vast blue oceans, the rainbow, there are so many things that you can never cease to count. But do you know that is beautiful than all those things mentioned above? That thing is “you”. You are the most beautiful creation of God. Do not waste yourself by indulging in such kind of debris and dregs as violence.


The round table conference was introduced when the political and social situation of the sub-continent was very blunt. It was actually a series of conference in which the delegations sent from the political parties of the India would sit down on a table along with the British leaders. On that table they discussed all the possibilities related the future of India. By mentioning it, I want to highlight the fact that even the biggest problem in this world can be solved without violence, only if we sit down to talk.


Our history of this world is replenished with many wars and we don’t need another addition in that list. Each war has a story. The wars are bestowed with violence. When the war ends, the citizens are the one who suffers. Not the emperors, not the ministers, neither the government nor the statesmen. A layman goes out there in the battlefield to fight, to die and to sacrifice. When a single soldier dies, there is an entire family who suffers. For the statesmen it is a game, all they want is the victory.


Be it a duel or a war but during a fight, all a warrior wants is to wipe out his opponent. We fail to understand no matter who wins or loses but at the end of the day, it is a human who will die. A soldier is actually young lad; a son, a brother, a husband, a friend. A soldier is living soul, it does not matter if he is German or he is African. What matters is that a life has come to end.


The first and most important duty of a human is to receive education, to groom himself, to polish his capabilities. When a child is born, he is a human but the same human can convert into an animal. The only way to stop himself from becoming an animal is to focus his attention on becoming a better person. When a person steps into the world of violence, he is gradually turning into an animal.

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