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We live in the era of technology . For everything we have got used to the electromagnetic media . We make use of instant messaging to get in touch with some one or pass on a message . We try to spread a social cause very easily by updating our Facebook status or posting some fact on the site and tagging our friends . We twit about it and think its all done . Although these methods are effective because they cover a large population but still it does not have the ability to make its point as effectively as you can if you would have been speaking that . Have you seen a politician giving his speech on twitter? Have you ever seen a protest being conducted via messages? No you have not . At least not a successful one . The essence of publicly speaking your mind and making your point cannot be replaced by any media . Be it an election or environment awareness public speaking is the core of spreading influence . The following are some of the tips which you must use to be effective in public .

10. Be prepared.


When you speak out in the public it is very important that you know about what you trying to convey . Not just a speech written on the paper . That is not enough . You need to know about your topic . What is it and why are you speaking about it; the reason and objective should be clear . You should be prepared with enough content about the history of it . You should know the current trend and the future aspects . You should also know the problems being faced and corresponding solutions. In short you should have a complete idea about the topic you have chosen . Research about it and get all the info with you .

9. Beginning and the end.


It is very important to gather the masses for you to speak in the public. You cannot drag the people and force them to listen to you . The content should be such that they should come to you . Th very first thing that the audience sees is the tittle of your topic . It gives them an idea of what they will get by listening to you . Make sure that the tittle is catchy. It should be in simple words . Do not use scientific terminologies in your tittle because most of the people will not understand that . Keep it simple and interesting . It should raise interest in your audience . Also when you end your session after speaking to the people give a bottom line . A catchy quote or slogan something that states the entire message or motive in a line or two . This stays with the people for long .

8. Organize yourself.


It is very important to be systematic . Have an idea about how many people will be coming . Arrange the venue accordingly . See that there is enough sitting space and proper ventilation . The sound system should b proper . In no way the people should be in a discomfort . If they are uneasy they will not pay attention to you or your message . Time yourself properly . Organize a plan and alott everything a definite time. The audience is happy if it is freed earlier . Keep this in mind. Do not get overboard with your stuff . Be precise and arrange everything beforehand so that your people don’t have to wait .

7. State the facts


It is essential when you talk about something to state its prevalence in the society . For example if you talking against female infanticide and foeticide gather statistics that show the rate of the crime in different states . Gather the information on how many criminals have been arrested etc. Have proper stats. This helps the audience to understand the current scenario in a better way because they see the facts when they see numbers . They are able to relate in a better way about the severity of the situation and get your message better . Also the stats show that you are well prepared with your content and gets you their trust .

6. Use projectors and sounds.


Yes it is true that words have a profound impact on the listener . But at the same time you cannot forget that there are all sorts of people out there who are busy in their lives and have done a big favor by being present . So you need to do something that they give their continuous attention . Speak out your mind and in correspondence to that use visual aids . A clipping or some interview or pictures etc that enhance the impact of your point . When you speaking on AIDS show patients suffering from it. Their life and difficulties. This will let the people connect in a better way . Put your stats on the charts using graphs or pi charts and exhibit them . Use proper sound effects wherever possible .

5. Be humorous.

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No matter what it is a sufficient sense of humor is required . The people you are addressing are coming form different areas and having different grasping and adapting levels . A little dose of laughter in between is required to cut the tension and lighten up their brains . They are able to connect better when they see the speaker as a fun loving person and not some sarcastic scholar . Be careful not to get overboard with humor . Have some laugh and then get quickly back to the topic .

4. Be confident.


It is one of the most important quality or skill in pubic speaking . A listener will never agree or buy your point if he cannot see you confident in what you are saying . Whatever topic you present you should do so with confidence . It should project that you have full faith in what you are speaking and how the evening will be . Your body language is the best way to show confidence . Do not be lazy and never stand with your hands on your waist. Do not keep jumping from one leg to the other from time to time . Stand with a posture that is neither stern nor lose . If you holding the mike then either keep the other hand on the side or simply in the pocket . Use your hands only when you want to make some gesture . Look relaxed this shows your confidence .

3. Your voice.


When it comes to public speaking your voice is your most powerful tool . No one is asking or expecting you to be melodious on the stage . But you cannot be monotonous . Your voice should project the feel of the topic . If you talking about something that is wrong and should be stopped then project anger and strength in your voice . If you breaking a good news then sound happy . The audience connects when they feel . Your voice should make them feel what the content is . So modulate your voice while speaking to be a better speaker in public .

2. Be interactive.

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When you speaking give relevant examples . Some story or incident that is related . Practical incidents help people to connect better . Give your audience a chance to speak . Some of them will definitely have a story to share . Acknowledge that and motivate them . Also after the session is over have a query session . Let your audience ask you doubts they have or give you suggestion they can help with . This not only makes them feel involved but you also learn from their questions on what you need to pay more attention . Interact with your audience to get them better .

1.Be positive.


It is undoubtedly the most crucial requirement when it comes to public speaking . Always sound positive in whatever you are saying . There are bad things related with each and everything but there are the good things as well . Emphasis on the good things . Speak about the bad but do not cribbing about it . Share your views and suggest ways how bad can be avoided and good can be enhanced . Talk about a better future and present and ways to achieve them . People always accept a positive approach towards anything . So be positive in your speech and thoughts as well .

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