Top 10 Lowest Cost Airlines in the World

Now a day the air travel is so much costly that it is not convenient for most of the people to afford it. In this scenario there has been a tremendous demand for the low cost carrier airlines all over the world.  And to meet the growing demands, over the years there has been remarkable increase in the airlines that are low cost carrier and are passenger friendly. People are now happy with the services that these low cost airlines are providing. Here we have listed top ten such airlines that offer lowest cost and so are the low cost airlines in the world.

10. Indigo Airlines

Indigo Airlines is a low cost carrier airline based in India which was jointly started by Rakesh Gangwal and Rahul Bhatia. InterGlobe Enterprises is having 51.12 % in the company while the rest 48 % share is acquired by Caelum Investment. Indigo Airlines has it’s headquarter set up in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. This airline started its operation in August 2006. As in 2012 Indigo Airlines has the largest market share in India and moreover it is the only airline in India that is making profit. This airline has a fleet of 61 planes. Its hub is situated at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. Currently Aditya Ghosh is the president of the airline and he is given credit for the growth the airlines has made over the years.

9. Azul Airlines

Azul Airline is another low cost domestic airline which is based in Brazil. The airlines headquarter is in Barueri, Brazil. This airline is also known as the Azul Brazilian Airlines. The airline was started by David Neeleman who was previously the Chief Executive Officer of the JetBlue. The airline started its service on 15th December 2008. The airline has 9.77 % market share in Brazil. The airline has a fleet of 49 planes and they have ordered many more to meet the demands. Azul Airline’s hub is situated at Viracopos International Airport, Campinas.

8. Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines was founded in the year 1967 by Rollin King and Herb Kelleher. They started this airline to provide services for the people within Texas, United States. Looking at the current market share, Southwest Airlines is the largest low carrier airline in United States. The airline has a fleet of 571 planes. The company’s headquarter is based in Dallas, Texas, United States. Gary C Kelly is currently the Chairman And CEO of this airline. The airline has also merged with AirTran Airways to increase its market share. The operation of this airline is spread in 40 states having 77 destinations.

7. Jetstar Asia

Jetstar Asia which is a part of Jetstar Asia Airways Private Limited was started jointly by Tony Crew, FF Wong and Temasek Holdings in the year 2004. The company’s headquarter is situated in Singapore.  Jetstar Asia merged with Valuair in the year 2005 to strengthen its hold in the aviation industry of Singapore. The Airline hub is situated at Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore. There are in total 18 planes in the fleet of this low cost carrier and this covers 21 destinations. Currently Choo Teck Wong is the chairman of this airline and Barathan Pasupathi is the Chief Executing Officer.

6. WestJet

WestJet is a low cost carrier airline which is based in Canada. The airline was started in the year 1996 by four businessmen named Clive Beddoe, Mark Hill, David Neeleman and Donald Bell. Today this airline has 99 planes in its fleet and it covers 81 destinations in United States. Headquarter of the airline is situated the Calgary International Airport, Alberta, Canada. This airport is also one of the hubs of this airline along with Toronto Pearson International Airport. Currently Gregg Saretsky is the president and CEO of this low cost carrier. The airline started its operation as a domestic airline but later on expands its business on international route too.

5. EasyJet

It is EasyJet Airline Company Limited that operates under the name of EasyJet. The airline was started in the year 1995 by the EasyGroup and was launched by business tycoon Stelios Haji Laonnou. Today it has expanded to become the largest airline in the United Kingdom. EasyJet’s headquarter is located at London Luton Airport. The airline has 193 planes in its fleet and it covers 129 destinations all over the world. Form the year 1995 when it started its first operation with two leased aircrafts, this airline has now developed into a giant leader in British aviation industry with its merger with various small airlines over the years and is also one of the most used low carrier airline in United Kingdom.

4. AirAsiaX

This is a relatively new airline which started its operation in the year 2007. The airline is based in Malaysia having headquartered at Sepang, Selangor. This airline has only 9 planes in its fleet and it covers 13 long haul destinations all over the world. The airline has ordered new aircrafts to meet its growing demand. AirAsiaX is a part of AirAsia and operates in international routes. The airline hub is situated at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia. The airline is owned jointly by Air Canada and the Virgin Group. The airline has been granted various government approvals to fly at various international destinations and now they are just waiting for the aircrafts to get delivered so as to start the operation.

3. Jetstar Airways

Jetstar Airways is at third spot in our list which is based in Australia. This airline has it’s headquarter t Melbourne, Australia. The airline was founded in the year 2003 by Qantas as a domestic low cost carrier in Australia but now it has also started to operate on some of the international routes. Jayne Hrdlicka is currently the Chief Executing Officer of the airline. The airline has a fleet of 68 planes which covers 34 destinations. The airline was started to give competition to Virgin Australia. Jetstar Airways has its hub at Melbourne Airport.

2. Virgin America

Virgin America is a low cost airline owned by the Virgin group. The low cost airline was started in the year 2004 in United States. It’s headquarter is at Burlingame, California, United States and hub at San Francisco International Airport. The Virgin group owns 25 % share in the airline while rest 75 % is owned by VAI partners as per the United States government policy. Earlier the airline was named as Virgin USA but was later renamed as Virgin America. Currently the airline has 52 planes in its fleet and covers 19 destinations throughout the United States. Donald J Carty is currently the chairman of the airline.

1. AirAsia

The top place in the list is for Malaysian based AirAsia. This airline was started way back in 1993 by DRB Hicom but the airline started its operation from 18th November 1996. The airline has it’s headquarter at Selangor while its hub is at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia. The airline owns 54 planes and covers around 400 destinations spanning over 25 countries.  Aireen Omar is currently CEO of this airline. The Tune Group is the parent company that owns this low cost carrier airline. AirAsia is currently the best low cost airline in the whole world and so it is at the top of our list too.

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