Top 10 important qualities every Hostess should have

The aviation sector is increasing at a rapid race. Due to this certain increase in growth, this aviation sector provides certain job opportunities and air hostess jobs are considered to be very fantastic and challenging. A woman can become an air-hostess only if she is a perfect woman or she is likely to become an air-hostess. An air hostess should be smart, well dressed, smell nice, speak softly and act wisely. Here are 10 qualities that a perfect air hostess must have.

10. Passionate

Air hostess should be passionate and enthusiastic. She should know all about her career needs and restrictions. And can plan for their career to fulfill her dreams. Anyone can reach his/her goals if he is passionate about his career. So, Air Hostess should be very strong about her career and future as well. As, Air hostess jobs are very prestigious and challenging. She should be caring about herself and for passengers too. She should be multi – talented in fact. Kind-hearted and soft-spoken should be her most important qualities.

9. Qualifications

Qualification is the basic part of every job or career. This is a necessary step and essential term. She should be qualified. High school diploma is the minimum qualification required. Well, if anyone has completed degrees from colleges are given more priority and preference rather than high school passed girls. So, if the someone is about to fulfill her dreams, then it is her duty to take care about all the qualifications, needs and requirements. And have passed her qualifications with good marks. She should have good accent in language she speaks. She must have FFA certificate which is the most essential thing.

8. Language Fluency

Communication is the most important part in human life. It is good if we communicate with each other in a kind and soft manner. She should be soft spoken. A degree in mass communication and psychology would be great in adding qualifications of the air hostess. She must know some foreign languages like English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc. She should have good accent and fluency in English. There should be softness in her words so that the passengers would be comfortable talking to her or communicating to her.

7. Self-Confident

The most important thing is Confidence. Confidence reflects inner courage of a person. An Air hostess who is courageous from inside can handle passengers in a plane. Shy nature can do nothing. A shy Air hostess would not communicate with her passengers. Self confidence is of utmost importance. An air hostess should be friendly and compatible with her passengers and always make them feel comfortable and friendly. She should be eager to help her passengers anytime they ask for; she should be active in every field and should be sharp minded.

6. Caring

An air hostess should be very caring. She should have the quality to take the care of his passengers. She should tell her passengers about the safety rules and regulations for safe flying. It is duty of air hostess to help her passengers in wearing seat belts during take-off and landing of the plane. She should always ensure their comfort and make sure that they feel comfortable. Providing her passengers with beverages, snacks, magazines, books, blankets, pillows and other essential things is one of her duty. She should have knowledge about first-aid which would help to deal with several minute injuries. Checking tickets, help finding passenger’s seats is also her duty. She should have such a quality that they ensure people have a good travelling experience.

5. Patience

An air hostess should be cool, cheerful and must have patience. It is her duty to provide every comfort to passengers in the plane. So, she should be cool and patient enough to handle and listen to every need of the passengers. She should cheerfully answer their every question. She should have ability to give a good advice to his passengers in a friendly way, ensuring them comfort in travelling in plane. She should be able to accept personal responsibility for resolving concerns. Patience, being one of the most important quality, comes only with smiling and if you think wisely and strongly. So, be Patience if you are going to be an Air Hostess.

4. Intelligence

Wisdom and intelligence makes a human being. With good personality, smart looks, well dressed and smell nice like qualities, she should be wise and intelligent. She should know how to deal with infants, child, adults and old people. She should take care of all the requirements of the passengers as per their need. She should be excellent in decision making time, as it is important in case of any emergency. And she should be wise enough to handle passengers at one time with lots of patience and do it perfectly. And she should be cheerful enough to handle grumpy people travelling in the plane.

3. Excellent Service Orientation

A perfect Air hostess should be active and wise in all her works. She should be able to provide fast and good services to the passengers. She should be able to take care of luggage or to help them finding that. She should eagerly provide her passengers blankets and pillows. It is her duty to take care of meals of different people. It is her duty to nicely and politely help them in binding their seat belts when the plane is landing or taking-off. She should immediately provide passengers magazines or other necessary things. In other words, she should provide excellent service orientation to all the passengers.

2. Strong work ethic

An air hostess should be hard-working, active and diligent. Strong work ethic is an ability to enhance character. It includes being reliable, initiative and pursuing new skills. An air hostess should have strong work ethic and responsible for her work and duty. It means that she should provide every basic need to the passengers just to comfort them. she should never run off from her work and not providing the things to the passengers. she should be lazy so that she would sit idle not caring the passengers who are her responsibility and duty. she should take a round every minute around all seats so that any passenger who is need may get her help. Also she should provide various meals to the passengers at proper time. thus she should have strong work ethic and she’d be active, cheerful and hard working.

1. Good personality

Personality is the property of humans which reflects his internal qualities and over-all development. A person with a good personality is more impressive rather than a person with ordinary personality. She should have a height of 5’5” or above. It adds to a person’s personality. An air-hostess should be well personalized. She should be well dressed, cool and yes, the most important thing smile. She should be always smiling to please her passengers. Please and Thank you go a long way in this field. She should be warm, graceful and welcoming to her passengers. She should be well spoken and who makes all passengers happy.


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