Top 10 Bizarre Courtship Rituals

Love and courtship is a favourite topic of almost all people from around the globe. Movies, plays, and many literary works show different ideas about the said matter. Countless romantic films have shown the audience different styles on how to court a woman, or the lengths that a man will go just to prove his love to his ideal girl. You usually see how a man is trying to impress a woman during their date, how he sends expensive gifts and so much more. However, look at the list below to know that courtship is not limited to these stereotyping you know.

Top 10 Bizarre Courtship Rituals

 10. Severed head as a gift

Kew’s botanical experts discovered through letters aged 150 years that Taiwan had this strange courtship practice until the 1930’s. The Atayals is a headhunting tribe and they use the head of the enemy that they killed as a gift for the woman that they are wooing.

9. Displaying an empty sheath

It is said that in the 19th century, a woman of a Nordic tribe is easy to spot. If she is wearing an empty sheath, if means that she is looking for her true love. Men just have to put their knife on her sheath. A woman who keeps it means that she accepted your love, but if she returned it you better start looking for another sheath where you could insert your knife.

8. Grab a girl

Who would think that gypsies of UK have this weird courtship practice? A man grabs a girl for a canoodle and there are times that it could be forceful. Regrettably, the girls do not have the power to decide for their lives.

7. Fight for a wife

Read the ancient history and be amazed how women are taken as wives by the raiding village or tribe.

6. Can’t afford the dowry? Kidnapping is the solution!

Socio-cultural reform campaigns is still going on in India to change the status quo. Bihar, a small state in India, had adopted their own way of fighting the convention of paying a dowry. If the family of the bride cannot afford it, the father of the woman will kidnap the groom and wed them in a traditional secret ceremony right away even against the groom’s wish.

5. Swee(a)ty apples for your love

Women of the 19th century Austria are doing this bizarre showing of love. A slice of apple will be offered to the men they like. To show that the man accepted, he had to gulp down the slice. There is nothing strange with it right? However, the apple is soaked in the armpit of a woman for an entire dance and the offering comes after that. Come on, if you love her, a sweaty apple could be so sweet.

4. Don’t cross the line dear

Girls and boys may be allowed to stay together overnight in the girl’s house during the 16th to 17th century America and Europe. However, they will have separate blankets, fully clothed and between them is a bundling board.

3. Exploring your love

This is the courtship ritual for the Dai people of Southeast Asia and China. Many people will gather in a place where women sit around the bonfire. The men clad in red blankets may approach them and of the woman said yes, he will wrap the blanket around her and they can do all sort of things that they want.

2.  The liberty to choose

The Dai culture may sound liberated to you but wait until you hear about the Kreung tribe of Cambodia. Parents build a “love hut” for their teenage daughter where she could spend the night with any man she wants no matter how many until she found her true love. However, separation of married couples is a taboo so she better choose carefully.

1. Women power

Married women of Egypt before have equal rights. They can own property and have wealth, they are independent and most of all, they are allowed to divorce their husband and remarry another one.

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