Top 10 Beautiful Animals you can keep as Pets

Man has since ancient times associated with animals either because of the love for it or due to the numerous benefits men gets using them. Be it the nomadic era or the times of the queens all of them have kept various animals in their close vicinity. These domesticated animals did not remain simply beneficial commercially . They soon crossed all the barriers and emerged as man friends. Many animals came to be recognized as intelligent beings and were found extremely compatible with the human race. Some animals have become popular over the years as most preferred pets throughout the world. These animals have become a family member for most of us. They are pretty and intelligent, playful and heroic; indeed true friends. The following are the top 10 animals most preferred as pets.

10. Cats.


Cats are known for their cunningness as well as cuteness . They have been associated with the humans since long. Especially popular with women for their pretty colors and eyes they have enjoyed quite a prestige in the pet world. Cats have a thin fur on them and are seen in various colors from black to white and even a mixed colored  Often women with pretty eyes are complemented as cat eyed. They are also kept in the house as they keep rodents out. It is easy to maintain them as no such special treatment is required . They should be brushed periodically to get rid of the shedding fur. Cats are not so fond of water. They are prone to various infections and therefore need to be vaccinated which are easily available. The average lifespan of a domestic male cat is around 14 years.

9. Rabbits.

Rabbits are meek and small light weighted animals very popular as pets especially among kids . Rabbits are available in various colors depending upon the species from ivory white to biscuit brown. Some even have patches of different color on them. They are furry and have large ears. Rabbits are very sensitive to sense of hearing. They have a good running speed and are very swift. Hence are quite popular with kids who love chasing them. It is very easy to keep them a normal shed is enough to keep them with some grass . They love eating carrots . Domesticated rabbits have a life span of around 12 years.

8. Pigeons.


Pigeons have always been one of the favorite pets ever. They have long enjoyed the reputation as messenger birds. In the olden days they were especially trained to deliver messages to various places of the kingdom . This was an evidence that these birds were extremely intelligent and have a very good sense of direction. Although the modern gadgets have replaced this mode of communication pigeons and their related species doves have retained their popularity . Pigeons are available in various colors ; white slightly purplish and sometime white with brown patches . They are very friendly and adaptive. They readily learn tricks and take instructions.

7. Horse .


Horses have a deep connection with humans. Since ancient times horses have been domesticated for ther benefits. Horses are one of the sturdy animals. They have been used as carriers in wars and during transportation as well. They have also been used to produse a number of antitoxins and serums. The royal people used to have an array of horses which used to exhibit their grandeur. In today’s world as well horses are kept as pets especially by people who love to race. Horses are one of the fastest animals on land. The average life span of a domesticated horse in 25 to 30 years .



Parakeet is a species of parrot but slightly smaller in size and longer tail feathers . They are colorful birds with various combinations . It is green in color and has slightly yellowish towards the breast . They have black striations on their wings. The basic difference between male and female is identified by the beak . A pinkish beak means female . Parakeets are very popular as pets firstly because of the beautiful colors and exotic appearances . Secondly they are having this unique ability to mimic human voice and words. They can be taught how to speak . They repeat their master’s words very efficiently . It is due to this interactive ability that they are ultimate as pets. The most common parakeets are English parakeets also known as Budgie.

5. Love birds.


Love birds are also a species of parrots . They are green in color with Either red or yellow upper body around the neck . They at times have white borders around the eyes. With cross breeding love bird with various colors have been brought to existence. Love birds are so called because of their habit of sitting closely in pairs unmoved for hours. Their beaks keep growing and needs to be trimmed which they do by pecking at rough surfaces . Hence care must be taken while keeping them as pets to provide enough toys and activity as they are very playful animals.

4. Gold fish.

Fishes have been a part of the pet world since long as far as the Ming dynasty (China). Fishes are silent pets and involve very less interaction with humans. They are exotic and are available in different sizes and colors  They are brilliant and often add to the decor of the house. One of the most popular species in gold fish . It gets its name by its golden like color and a wide tail. They are not big in size and ca be easily kept in small tanks at homes . They are even perfect for breeding in small ponds. Although named as gold fish now a variety of colors are available due to selective breeding.

3. Canary .


I am sure all know the popular looney toon “Tweety” . That is a type of canary . A canary is found as both wild and domesticated . The pet canary is the domestic one commonly called as canary only . It is a small bird that is available in three types . One type is bred for its wonderful colors while another type is for its shapes . The most exotic type is the third type that sings . Canaries are popularly bred as singing birds . It is the male bird that sings . Canaries should be kept preferably one bird per cage . Birds from both the genders are allowed to stay together only at the time of mating .

2. Guinea pig.


Guinea pigs irrespective of the name are not pigs . They are popularly called as cavy . They have been a part of the pet world since long . They are small light weighted animals timid in nature . Domesticated guinea pigs stay in groups probably of 2 or more . They have very strong memories and can remember complex paths and direction to food . They are very well utilized in labs as well for the study of medicine . They go very well with kids as pets  .

1. Dogs .


When it comes to keep a pet no other animals can beat the dog . A dog is one of the most favorite choice when it comes to pets . They are loyal and pretty and active . They are available in a wide variety suiting a person’s needs . Be it the Vodafone’s Pug or the Dalmations . Be it the Bull dog or a fox terrier each dog is unique and cute in its own way . There are various competitions that occur throughout the world for the pet dogs with poodles and Eskimos winning most of the tournaments .

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