Top 10 Ways to Remain Safe while Driving

Now a days, driving is a need or a passion for someone. There is no doubt it saves our time to reach our destination but at the same time it increases the number of road accidents. Driving with a proper manners can be a safer but driving with nonsense can be a deadly. We must drive carefully in order to save our self from any dangerous situation. There are many instruction signs or slogans written beside the road in order to drive carefully but all the time we neglect these signals and it results to accidents.

While driving you must keep some basic points in your minds in order to safe yourself from any dangerous situation. Here are the tips that you can follow while driving.

10. Avoid StressDrive Peacefully

May you are a good driver but if your mind is not in the state of  driving or conscious then it may turn your good luck into the bad one. I mean, if you are in some kind of stress or anxiety then driving may be a dangerous option for you. Thinking over while driving may distract your focus so avoid driving if you are in any kind of tension.

9. Speeding

Driving a car or a bike at high speed is become a fashion among youth. It is one of the major reasons of an road accident. It is not only stuck you with the accidents but also wasting of fuel is also one of the reasons to avoid high speed. We must lower down the speed of the vehicle in rush area. Sometime it is difficult to control the balance while driving at high speed. One more thing that you must keep in your minds that don’t try to overtake the other vehicle because it would be a bad trick.

8. Loud Music

Listening to music while driving is quite amazing but we cannot forget that it can be quit dangerous too. Today, our life is become so luxurious with the increase in competition. All the cars come up with a luxurious music system. Specially, Our teenagers love to play the music at high node while driving. This may unable to hear horns of other vehicles. We should play some soft music but at slow volume in order to avoid accidents. Most of the people use earphone while driving a bike and they can’t even hear the horn. They highly dissolve in listening to music and this leads to accidents.

7. Avoid Eating

Specially, when we are travelling with our friends we can’t let without an eating. An eating chips and taking cold drinks are quite normal while travelling. You can’t move your eyes away from burgers and pizzas even while you are driving. Sometime you forget that you are driving and you get busy in an eating food this may lost your concentration.

6. Chit-Chat or Gossiping

We all know no two women can be silent together. But joke apart! Without any doubt it can be a dangerous idea. We should avoid gossip and chit-chat while driving because it can be a deadly idea. Talking while driving may distract you way and you may stuck with some another vehicle.

5. Drive Properly

Today, our youths are trying to be over smart. Making a stunts, driving without using hands and standing on bikes become fashion in our youth. They don’t even think that How dangerous it could be? Sometime, you may have to pay a big amount for this so called style.

4. Wait for Signal

Most of the people does not wait for the signal they just break it and pass away. Avoiding the signal can be a dangerous. Let the other vehicle pass and then you cross the road. Traffic signals are not meant to show-off but to drive accordingly. Waiting for the signal does not mean to time waste but to it may increase you life-span by saving you from a accident.

3. Use of Seat-Belts and Helmets

While driving one thing you must keep in your mind that is don’t forget to wear seat belts or helmets. Driving without seat belt may be a dangerous idea. It is not design to show-off but to wear so that it can save you from sudden shocks or jerks.

2. Don’t Drink – Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic

Combination of alcohol and driving is too dangerous. Drinking alcohol while driving or driving after taking alcohol both can be deadly and it is also illegal. This may let you out of control and you can meet the accident. After taking an alcoholic stuff then driving can be a worst idea . It may divert you mind and you can loose the balance.

Not only an alcohol but all the other non-alcoholic drinks should be avoided during the diving because it may divert you focus and you can stuck with the accident.

1. Avoid Cell-Phones

We all have a habit of talking on phone while driving but we forget how dangerous it could be?  Using cell-phones during driving is not only a dangerous but it can be deadly. According to the survey of NHTSA, most of the road accidents were being happened due to the deadly use of mobiles while driving. Some people think that using earphone or Bluetooth is safe but they are wrong because it may distract your mind and you can go out of control. Don’t pick the phone until or unless it is not an urgent call. If it sounds an urgent then park your car aside and then take a call even if you are in hurry.

Drive Carefully!!


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