Top 10 Safety Tips for Snow Shoveling

10. Avoid Shoveling if You Have Heart Problems


It is a good practice to clear the snow from the pathway regularly. Avoid shoveling snow if you are suffering from any heart problems or have a history of heart problems. People having heart problems are more likely to be injured while moving the snow.

9. Dress Correctly


Dressing correctly before shoveling the snow helps with injuries. Prefer dressing in layers because it will be easy to remove clothes if you feel very hot. Make sure you wear a head cap, a scarf, good hand gloves, warm socks, and boots that are waterproof and do not skid.

8. Warm up Your Muscles First


It is necessary to warm up your muscles before you shovel the snow by some stretches or exercise. Warming your muscles before shoveling snow helps to prevent injuries and heart problems. So, don’t forget to warm up every time you plan to go for shoveling the snow.

7. Use the Correct Shovel


Always use a shovel that rightly suits your size of the body and strength. The length of the shovel handles should be according to your height. If you use a short one, you may have to lean forward more often, which may cause back pain. Use a snow shovel that is not very long or very heavy but comfortable for you.

6. Use the Correct Posture for Shoveling


It is very important to hold your body while shoveling the snow to avoid back pains. When you lift the shovel full of snow, keep your back erect whiles bending down with your legs at a distance. Also, keeping your arms adjacent to your body can reduce the pressure on your back.

5. Take Extra Care with Deep Snow


Remove the snow often when it is lightly covered. This will avoid the collection of deep snow. Always push the snow to the extent possible instead of lifting it. Even if you If lift it, make sure you do not overload the shovel. Remove the snow in layers when it is deep.

4. Drink water and Stay Hydrated


Always carry a bottle of water with you when you go to shovel the snow. Drink water regularly while you work to avoid dehydration. Dehydration can reduce your efficiency and make you more tired.

3. Avoid Doing Too Much


Avoid doing too much of shoveling. Take breaks and relax yourself. Go indoors and warm up yourself occasionally. Take a notice whenever you feel uncomfortable. If you start getting pain in your back or chest, talk to your doctor immediately.

2. Take care of Slippery Areas


Always be careful with the patches of ice and the areas that are uneven or slippery. Remember to spray some rock salt after you finish clearing the pathway. It helps if there is a freezing rain later. The rock salt melts the ice and reduces the chances of slipping.

1. Choose Your Ice Melting Products Carefully


Dusting a layer of rock salt on ice or snow is an effective technique for melting the snow. But rock salt is harmful to concrete and metal surfaces. Consider magnesium chloride as it is less acidic compared to other chemical products. Always read the labels before buying any ice melting products. 

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