Top 10 Most Interesting Jobs in the World

In this world everyone require job satisfaction. You measure it in different ways such as job security, good insurance coverage, career growth, good allowance etc. But research has found that people who seem happy with their earnings might not be happy at workplace. Fun job with good handsome are satisfactory. It is not necessary that all funniest jobs are satisfying. Survey has found that workers at Disney theme park ranks down compare to members of the army when it comes job satisfaction.

We all want to have fun, joy with good working environment and good income and everyone is interested to work in such environment. Many are interested in doing part time jobs and earn extra bucks which make lifestyle more lavish. Student hunts for such jobs which fulfill their pocket money and happy to become independent.

Many of you want to get into professional job like Accountant, Engineers, managers etc. Apart from professional job there are some interesting jobs which can be opted as profession. We are listing here some of the most interesting which you can enjoy and satisfied while earning.

10. Acting.


Acting profession is growing very fast in film industry. Most of you want to be an actor and like to become famous in glamour world. You must be confident, determined and having good skill sets. It is fun when you are visiting different places in world for film shooting .You must be cooperative with your colleagues as most of the time you are living and enjoying with them. You can earn much for playing any small role in film or TV serials.

9. Personal Trainer.


Personal trainers are nothing but a fitness professional who gives exercise prescription and fitness instruction. Trainers take care of their client strengths and physical fitness. Working environment of trainer can be an instructor at gymnasium, working at client place or video recording program on television. In this way you are also taking care of your physical fitness and strength while doing your job. You can become a personal trainer by doing fitness certification from authorized fitness industry in your country.

8. Singing, Music or dance trainer


Singing, Music and dancing is categorized as entertainment field. It is an art which require extra talent and knowledge about it. Survey has found that many professionals having degree from banking and Tech sector found working as Singer, dancer or musician. Many of us are reducing stress by getting into music, dance or singing and refresh their mind and take breaks from their regular jobs. So you can also become Singing, Music or dancing trainer and enjoy remaining time after your regular jobs.

7. Online Jobs.


Online jobs are growing very rapidly worldwide. It is also known as virtual electronic job. Employers and employee agrees on some work by means of employer’s website. Most of online jobs include data processing, content writing, form filling, paid for click etc. If you search online jobs on internet, you will come across hundreds of link who offers online job. But be careful to avoid of getting into any scam or fraud sites which offers you huge earning for doing small work. Online jobs are also considered as work from home scheme. House wife, students, retired person can earn good handsome through online job.



Photography is a passion and art of capturing images of creature. If photography is your hobby and you want to snap anything you want, anyplace of your want. So it can only be achieved by sticking on current jobs and do photography at your free time. Earning by doing photography is not easy job. You have to hunt for domain in which you are interested in doing photography. Any way you can earn good income and enjoy by doing photography of nature scenery, wild life etc.

5. Magician


Magician is a person who performs supernatural act by playing tricks using his hands. Trick behind magic is to focus an attention of audience at particular instance when magician wants it. He uses different type of gadget and apparatus for doing the activity. Watching magic show is very interesting. So performing magic is more interesting. There are many books and sites where you can learn magic tricks and go into that profession. In this profession you are your own boss, you can work on your own time without leaving your current job.

4. Teaching.


Most respectful person in this world is teachers. Teacher spread knowledge among students. Pupils are getting educated with discipline and manner. Teaching job is most respected job. Even your colleagues and friends take your name respectly using salutation like “sir” or “professor”. You may forget your students but they will never forget you even if they met you after 20yrs. You should be well qualified and expert in your field and always ready to take challenge coming across. Advantages of teaching job is that people respect you , it stress free job, knowledge sharpening,  fixed working time, no business dealing and finally good earning.

3. Broker


A broker is a person who fixes a deal and gets commission after doing transaction between a buyer and a seller. A role of broker is to bring buyers and sellers together and arrange the deals. Now a day’s broker industry is also growing fast. There are many brokers for example stock broking firm, marriage bureau, real estate agents and many more. In all broker field commission of broker is well defined in advance after execution of any task. You can be Stock broker who buys and sells the shares on behalf of their client. You can pocket good commission in real estate transaction by executing a deal between buyer and seller.

2. Standup Comedian


Standup comedy is a task of making audience instant laugh by playing an act. Comedian are always under pressure while performing on stage show because sitting audience expect laughs and it is all depend upon on the performer  delivering timeline. Comedian makes audience laugh by making some visual expression, doing someone’s mimicry or cracking jokes. A successful comedian artist knows tricks of making laugh while performing in front of audience. If you are good comedian and having such skill you can pocket good income in participating comedy shows or performing comedy stage shows in any function.

 1. Lifeguard.


Life guard itself speaks saving of life in dangerous situation. Responsibility of lifeguard is to make safety of people in area of water or lakes. Lifeguard is present in coastal area where beach meets an ocean. If you are drowning while swimming in beach  or any deep swimming pool, Lifeguard are ever ready to do their job and jump into the water  to save your life. Position of lifeguard is optimal for observing public and tourist at beach and swimming pool. If you are interested in helping others in saving life this profession is appropriate for you. This is most satisfying jobs which feels you happy and relax after saving someone’s life.



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