Top 10 Best Favourite Hookah Flavors

Hookah is a kind of water pipe that has been used for the smoking purpose. It has been coming from the past. Adding flavours to the hookah and then consuming it is quite in practice. Hookah is available in various different manner and sizes. People gets pleasure in doing it as it has gains over other types of smoking but has some disadvantages too. Flavoured hookah is also termed as shisha. There is countless number of flavours available in the market for those love hookahs; there are mint, fruity flavours, candy flavours and many more out there. Many refreshing hookah flavours are there for the people which can relish their hookah session. So below there is a list of some very exceptional and wonderful flavours to try.

10) Orange:

Orange is a great fruity flavour to have. When people smoke orange flavour they smell it as if they are surrounded by oranges all around. It has very powerful and strong orange essence which is experienced by people who take it. It is a very complicated flavour. Sometimes it can be very intense and can be overwhelming. One thing needs to be kept in mind that when consuming orange not much heat should be used otherwise the taste can turn into repulsive one. It can be mingled with others but its overpowering effect should be remembered so mint should be used.

9) Sweet melon:

It is another very rejuvenating flavour to have. Its aroma is very syrupy resembling that of cantaloupe. It possesses very amazing and mind blowing smell of cantaloupe that is very sweet in taste. It has very tangy, spicy and sugary taste reminiscent of a melon. Any person who follows in taking hookah must have this flavour. This melon flavour have an excellence of standing alone as it tastes very marvellous all alone, it doesn’t need to be mixed with any other flavour as doing it will just diminish the taste of melon, although it can be blended with only one flavour and that is just mint.

8) Vanilla:

Vanilla is a zest that is obtained from orchid which is a plant. Orchid is inhabitant of Mexico. This flavour is so mouth watering and very delectable. This is very soft smoke and is quite silky and creamy. When people have this they going to feel it like vanilla ice cream. It is very much admired among the crowd. When it is united with other flavours out there, fantastic flavour is generated. It can be mixed with almost every flavour. It gets along nicely with fruity flavours, generally in the company of berry flavour.

7) Peach:

Peach is one more fruity taste to take pleasure in. It seems very appetizing and delightful. It is more or less similar to iced-tea of peach flavour. It has got very sweetie and lovable essence. It has very soft and pleasing flavour entirely similar to its smell. . This flavour tastes with the tinge of nectarine in it. It has the ability to mingle with the other taste or flavours very simply without having any trouble. It has a very nice combination with many flavours specially mint, vanilla and mandarin.

6) Cola:

Cola flavour is pretty one of its kind. It is entirely exceptional. It is of candy type. It is an exact copy of coca cola and if we place this in base it will turn out to be more superior. The smell it possesses is quite different, distinct and influential too. It has a quite dominant cola taste and one must take care while mixing it with other flavours as it has dominant effect and tends to overshadow other flavours. If a person is fond of drinking cola then it’s the best choice for him. It combines decently with grape and orange.

5) Pan rasna:

Pan rasna is very wonderful and remarkable in taste that it completely cool down and revive a person. It’s amongst the one of the best flavour. It is the blend of many fruity essences along with mint. It brings together rose, cherry and pomegranate with slight essence of mint into single unit. It will make you feel amazing. A person can take it all alone but blending or mixing it with some other flavours add a lot to the pleasure and delight. It has a pretty well combination with many flavours, the best one are the combination with kiwi or mint.

4) Strawberry:

Strawberry is rare and exclusive flavour of hookah. It is a nice way to get exceptional taste. The person undertaking this particular hookah flavour will experience a strong strawberry scent. It feels like strawberry all around but not unbearable. It is fantastic and excellent in taste just like the way it smells. Both the smell and taste is so magnificent that it is so simple to just make it as your primary flavour. To make it more delightful one should mix it with other flavours like coconut, apple, banana, vanilla and many more.

3) Bubble gum:

Bubble gum flavour turns round inside the mouth just resembling to the bubble gum material we used to have and adore it as a kid. It has a well defined and a discrete taste which persist for prolonged time throughout the session of hookah. The smell and essence of this flavour is tremendous and splendid. The tang is quite amazing and just feels the same as the genuine gum.  It is quite good in taste with some trace of candy inside it. When a person smokes this flavour he will be feeling like 9 once more.

2) Mint:

Mint is one of the most revitalizing flavours.  It provides a really chill, fresh and breezy taste to your hookah. The person will be subjected to concentrated mint aroma and aura. It tastes mint and savour seems very light. Mint flavour is very refreshing but to make it better mixing it along with others can make it better. Any hookah aficionado is must to include mint, as it is advised to apply mint under the chief flavour underneath of bowl. It is should be applied in 3:1 ratio that is chief flavour to mint. Usually mint blend properly with any taste but it really combine well with sweet melon and apple.

1) Double apple:

Apple flavour is the finest and greatest of all. It will be very pleasant and enjoyable for the novice. It has got an excellent status and it produces dense smoke. It is very tempting and alluring in taste. Its fragrance is similar to anise. It is very mighty and strong in taste and has got different taste of anise. The taste is quite changeable, for a moment it tastes very sugary and another got the dense anise taste. It has a good blend with banana and mint. It has created a standard and it is the most popular among the people.


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