Top 10 Things That Stop You From Sleeping

Getting a good and sound sleep will ensure that the following day is a productive one. Though we may not like to admit it, many of the sleep problems we experience are the result of our bad habits and behaviors. Mindfulness meditation has proved to be helpful in stress reduction and anxiety relief and allows us to achieve better sleep. Below are some of the things that stop us from sleeping.

10. Caffeine

Most of us know that caffeine affects sleep. Even though we may be able to fall asleep, we may not obtain the benefits of a deep sleep. To overcome caffeine related lack of sleep, try to avoid caffeine later in the day.

9. Computer and Cell Phones

Avoiding computers or cell phones before bedtime is nearly impossible today, but it may be necessary in order to get a good night’s sleep. Not only do computers and cell phones emit a lot of unnecessary light, but they also act as a constant reminder of the work. The radiation emitted by our mobile phones can also be disturbing sleep.

8. Lights

People having trouble getting a good sleep should make sure that their bedroom is dark and free from distraction. Buy thick curtains and remove the TV and computers to ensure that your bedroom space is for sleeping only.

7. TV

One of the biggest concerns is watching TV at bedtime. The sights and sounds of television act as a brain stimulant that can further prevent sleep.

6. Alcohol

The effect of alcohol on sleep depends on when and how much it is consumed. Alcohol consumed at bedtime, like a nice glass of wine, may probably help us fall asleep. But moderate amounts of alcohol consumed within an hour of bedtime may disturb the second half of the sleep period.

5. Exercise

Generally, during exercise and shortly after that, our bodies experience a quick increase in the stress hormones. To ensure that exercise is supporting sleep rather than disturbing it, avoid the gym before bedtime. In fact, the earlier the work out, the better we will sleep.

4. The Mattress

Choosing the right mattress is completely a matter of personal choice. A mattress that works for us is possibly best achieved only through trial and error. Feel free to take the minutes on the various mattresses that you rest on during your life whether at hotels or family functions, until you find a perfect match.


Things That Stop You From Sleeping

3. Stress

For people having trouble with stress and sleep, the best solution is to deal with the stress itself, rather than looking for quick fixes. Make sure we relax hours before bedtime.

2. Hunger

There can be no other worse feeling than cuddling in the bed only to be forcefully awakened by a rumbling stomach. To avoid the late night cramps of hunger, plan your meals better and follow up your dinner with a light snack few hours before bed.

1. Bladder

Overcome bladder disturbances by limiting the intake of fluids after about 6 p.m. and by avoiding foods that irritate the bladder like spicy Indian dishes.

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