Top 10 Most Expensive Houses of India 2012

Well we all know what are houses. We all have spend our most of time in our houses only. Everybosy wants a special kind of house for himself. Everybody thinks of owning a house of specific style, size and special kind of luxuries. Poor people are happy enough in small houses also but billionaires always go for expensive houses. The houses are their dream houses and are full of all kind of luxuries one can even think of. So they fulfil their dream of house of spending the loadz of money. Well we are now going to tell you about the most expensive houses of India, you can check them now.

10.)Lakshmi Narayan Mittal’s Delhi Mansion

Known as the Steel Tycoon world wide Mr. Lakshmi Narayan Mittal is one of the richest men in the world. He is owner of this mansion located on Aurangzeb road. He owns a total of 8 houses out of which this one is cheapest but then also it is present in our list. Moreover Mr. Mittal is proud owner of London’s most expensive house.

9.) NCPA Apartments

Nobody would have thought that an apartment would make up to in this list but here are the NCPA Apartments. Sometimes the rates of the flats are as high as Rs. 34 crore or Rs. 30 crore which generally costs about Rs. 1 lakh per sq. feet. The view of sea is great from these apartments.

8.)Naveen Jindal Heritage Bunglaw

Naveen Jindal, a industrialist turned politician is the owner of a Bunglaw which he brought at the cost of Rs. 150 crore. This bunglaw is situalted in Lutyen’s Bunglaw heritage zone. He have already sought delisting of this house from the Heritage List. The house was popularly known as Patni House before.


After so many businessmen here now its time for The King Khan, SRK. His Bunglaw Mannat have a castle like look and faces sea. The interior decoration and luxuries of the house are extraordinary. These includes library, pool, gym, private cinema, etc scattered over six floors. The house holds a value of more than 100 crores.

6.)Bunglaw Gulistan

Belonging to the Mr. Anand Mahindra Bunglaw Gulistan is a 3 storey bunglaw. Mahindra’s real estate division have brought this beautiful property for him. The bunglaw was firstly rented by his grandfather about a decade ago and his family is residing there by then. He purchased the bunglaw for a whooping amount of 250 crore.

5.)White House in the sky

Belonging to Mr. Vijay Malya the abode is as beautiful as its name. The abode is at UB sity in Banglore. The Penthouse have luxuries like gym, indoor heated pool, spa, outdoor infinity pool, etc. A helipad is also there. Well a thing belonging to Mr. Mallya is always going to be great and expensive. Once the construction is completed the house is bound to move up in the list.

4.)Anil Ambani’s Abode

Anil Ambani is constructing this beautiful Adobe in the Pali Hills, Mumbai. Once completed its worth will be more than the Atilia. Its total price of completion is somewhat ranged about Rs. 5000 crores. As the building is still under construction it is not at the top spot but it is present in the list for its current value.

3.)JK House

JK house is even larger than the Antila, the house at our top list. The mansion is 30-storied. The house belongs to Mr. Gautam Singhania, the proud owner of the Raymond Group. The house is located at Candy in South Mumbai. The luxury list includes car parking facility at six levels, spa, gym, helipad, private swimming pool, a museam floor and much more.

2.)Ratan Tata Mansion

Well another house in the list belonging to a prominent C.E.O. of India, Mr. RatanTata. The house is situated in the beautiful sea facing part of Mumbai, i.e. Colaba. Having all the luxuries including sun deck, gym, lounge, swimming pool, etc. the house is one of the greatest places to live in. The main fact about the house is that two levels are included in every level and hence house is 3 storied but have seven levels.


Known as billion dollar mansion worldwide, Antilia is home to the Reliance Industries chairman Mr. Mukesh Ambani. Its not only the most expensive Indian house, its the most expensive house of the world costing somewhat about $1 billion. Having a total are of 400,000 sq. foot Antilia stands 27 floor tall but having a height of somewhat 40 floors. The house have a large number of things like health spa, many swimming pools, helipads(3 omg), ballroom, 50 seat movie theatre and much much more.


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