Top 10 Most Amazing Swimming Pools World

Here, I list out the most amazing swimming pool which are extremely different from the ordinary pools. These extra-ordinary pools are different with respect to their design styles, dimensions, area-wise and construction costs. People are ready to pay any cost to enjoy into these pools. No doubt there are many pool of this kind but some are extremely best among all.

Get ready to view the most amazing, dynamic and an unusual swimming pools.

10. The Badeschiff Swimming PoolBerlin, Germany

Designed By – Sussane Lorenz

Constructed in – 2004 by City Art Project Berlin

Dimension – 8m x 32m

The Badeschiff swimming pool is also called as a bathing ship or floatind swimming pool. It is constructed on the Spree River in Germany. It is eight by thirty two meters in dimensions. It is normally opens at eight in the morning till midnight. There are DJ’s and bars near the pool to entertain the visitors.

9. Burj Al Arab Swimming PoolDubai

Burj Al Arab hotel offers you an amazing swimming pool. It is not only offers you a common pool but its every suit having an individual pool. It is one of the largest pool in the world. To reach the swimming pool in Burj Al Arab you have to own a helicopter which is expensive one.

8. Seagaia Ocean Dome – Japan

Constructed in – 1993, Miyazaki in Japan

Dimension – 300m x 100m

This swimming pool is one of the unique and amazing pool in the world. It is basically a indoor pool which is covered from all the sides. A dome is surmounted on its roof. Its length is 300m and width is 100m which is itself a record and listed in Guinness book of world record. It is World’s largest water park. Sand, blue sky or flame spitting volcano all are fake creation in Ocean dome it is just to enhance the look.

7. Harbour Plaza Hotel Swimming Pool – Hong Kong, China

Constructed in – 1998

Harbour Plaza Hotel has a iconic Swimming Pool in Hong Kong. It is an indoor pool but there are many other outdoor swimming pool in Harbour plaza. It is beautifully design which attracts the tourists in all manners. At it twenty-third floor there are man indoor pools. From the inside of the pool you can view many Skyscrapers of the Victoria city.

6. San Alfonso del Mar Pool – Algarrobo, Chile

Designed By – Chilean Company

Constructed in – 2006

Covering area – 19 acre

It is the longest swimming pool in the world. It is an incredible pool which hold 250 million liter water. It is situated in San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile. San Alfonso del Mar pool is big enough to sail a ship. You can’t swim the whole pool once. It is also one of the expensive pool in the world. It costs $ 2 Billion USD. A Crystal Lagoon technology is used to purify the salt-water. This makes it expensive but an incredible pool in the world.

5. The Gellert Swimming Pool – Budapest, Hungary

Design Style – Art-Nouveau

Constructed in – between 1912 and 1918, renovate in 2008

Commonly known as Gellert Bath. It is a famous bath in Budapest, Hungary. It is renowned for thermal bath and swimming. During world war II it was damaged badly and then it is reconstructed in 2008. This pool brings water from hot springs of Gellert hills. According to the medical view its thermal bath is helpful in recovering joint pains, asthma and many other spine problems. The pool consists mosaic tiles which enhance its look. It has combined as well as separate male and female baths. On every Sunday it is used as a family bath.

4. The Alila Ubud Swimming Pool Bali

Constructed on – Ayung River Valley

This is one of the beautiful, innovative and calm swimming pool. Green-grassy land beside the pool enhance the beauty of the surrounding and makes you fresh. It gives an 3D effect of the movement of water. This 3D effect makes it the most expensive pool in the world which costs $100,000 approx. The Alila Ubud swimming pool is the best pool for children as well as for adults.

3. The Neptune PoolCalifornia, USA

Design Style – Roman

Constructed in – between 1924 and 1936

Dimension – 32m x 18m

The Neptune Pool California is initially known for its temple style structure. It is an outdoor pool which is thirty-two meters in length and eighteen meters wide. The Neptune pool’s designed is fully inspired from roman architecture. Its ornamental design is world famous which depicts the roman style of art. It is built during 1924-1926 but renovated many times. This concept of amazing pool was layout by William Randolph Hearst.

2. Umaid Bhavan Palace Zodiac PoolIndia

Design Style – classic Art-Deco style

Completed in – 1943

It is constructed in Umaid Bhawan Palace in India. It was the most expensive and largest pool when it was constructed in 1943. Total 3500 manpower was used to construct this pool. It is also known as Zodiac pool because of its flooring design which are placed to form a zodiac signs. It is circular in shape which make it different from others. All the walls and ceiling of the pool are decorated with golden tiles. Flooring of pool is covered with mosaic tiles.

1. The Icebergs – Sydney, Australia

Design Style – classic Art-Deco style

Completed in – 1943

The Icebergs of Sydney deserves the first position in the list of amazing swimming pools in the world. It is built on the Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. It is a kind of an olympic pool but it is open to the public as well. Waves continuously touches the pool and gives an scenic view.


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