Top 10 World’s Biggest Broadband Providers in the World

All thanks to the increasing demand for fast connections, we are inching toward half a billion broadband subscribers worldwide.  Now-a-days broadband connection is so common as more than 50 percent of world’s Internet users now have broadband connection, leading more companies to swing to marketing using broadband. So, here is the list of top10 best broadband service providers in the world:

10) KT

KT stands for Korea Telecom, originally founded in 1981, is a South Korean integrated wired/wireless telecommunication service provider with largest High-Speed Internet Business. Its users are provided with advanced wired and wireless services through digital devices. Korea Telecom (KT) has been a leader in WiMAX application, this success of Korea Telecom has attracted worldwide attention.

The establishment of mobile WiMAX network by KT WiBro provides reliable and true mobile broadband service (i.e. mobile 2.0.). The main features includes UGC (user-generated contents), little cost functionality, high speed liberation and an open platform allowing full Internet browsing. KT has a additional company Korea Telecom Freetel(KTF) providing 2G/3G networks and a Wi-Fi network covering heavily populated, KT provides flawless data services for users across the entire Korean market through these networks.

9) France telecom

France Telecom is the primary telecommunications access provider, the largest in Europe, allowing customer’s entrance through multiple platforms. Fixed line telephone, broadband access, mobile phone telephony, IPTV with MaLigne TV, now known as Orange TV are the 4 key platforms.

It currently has 221 million customers as of 2011 and employs about 180,000 people (half outside France). The company’s corporate brand is Orange; it is the largest provider of Internet access in France and offers the most reliable service and an option with 18Mbit speeds.

8) Verizon

Verizon Communications Inc. started in 1983, is a global broadband and telecommunications company with headquarters located in Verizon Building at 140 West Street in Lower Manhattan, New York City.

To bring high-speed Internet over a local receiver line, Verizon uses DSL technology. Verizon allows customers to package their Internet service with TV, home phone or wireless services. Verizon’s plans offer variety of services including access to Wi-Fi hotspots all through the country, online backup and sharing etc.

For customers who download movies or use the Internet for online gaming, faster download speed is required. Thus a download Speed of between 1.1 and 15 Mbps is provided by Verizon’s Enhanced plan.

7) Time Warner cable

Time Warner Cable Inc. (TWC) was formed in 1989 and is an American cable telecommunications company that offers Digital Phone, Digital TV, High-Speed Internet services across the nation with download speeds of up to 50Mbps. Time Warner Cable does not provide any assurance or has any problem relating to your use of the McAfee Antivirus Software.

Its business headquarters are located in the Time Warner Center in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The company operates in 28 states and is extended to 31 operating divisions.

6) Deutsche telecom

Formed in 1996, Deutsche Telecom is one of the world’s leading integrated German telecommunications company headquartered in Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia. ICT solutions for commerce customers and corporate customers were provided by the group. Services and products were provided for fixed network mobile infrastructure and the Internet.

More than 37 million fixed-network lines and approximately 16 million broadband lines were provided by the company. The company is present in 50 countries. The numbers of customer reaches to 131 million making this company the 6th best broadband company in the world.

5) AT &T

AT&T Broadband was formed in 1999. The company provides a Wi-Fi broadband Internet, mobile and wireless access services over networks that support millions of customers at the same time. Its Media and online services were originally provided by either Excite@Home or RoadRunner. They have developed a method in order to reduce the data throughput speed skilled by marginal Smartphone users (those who use 3gigabytes or more on a 3G/4G Smartphone).

Their network is protected against security threats or other harmful action. As long as the devices don’t harm their network, they can be attached with their Wi-Fi broadband, wired and mobile Internet services. AT&T allows usage calculators and other tools for their wired and mobile services to help customers.

4) NTT

NTT stands for “Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation”. It is the leading Japanese telecommunications company Asia whose headquarters is at Tokyo, Japan.

It is ranked 31st in Fortune Global 500 and in terms of revenue it is the second major company. The company offers variety of access methods, such as optical-fiber access, wireless LANs and 3rd generation mobile telephones.NTT planned a boost from dialup (56kbit/s), ISDN (64kbit/s), to FTTH (fiber to the home) in Japan.

3) Comcast

Comcast Corporation supplies broadband internet, home safekeeping [in some areas], and cable television and telephone services to both suburban and marketable customers in 40 states and in the District of Columbia. It is the 3rd largest home telephone service provider, prime cable operator and home internet service provider in US headquartered in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia.

Each and every residential customer is provided with dynamic IP addresses according to the Comcast High Speed Internet terms of service. It Provides “PowerBoost” feature which allows the users to use all surplus cable node capacity in order to pace up the 1st few seconds of downloads. As per the data [March 30, 2012] Comcast has 18.582 million internet customers.

2) China Unicom

China United Network Communications Group Co.Ltd. , established on January 6,2009 , was Briefly named as “China Unicom”. China Unicom has a vast communication network which spreads over all the urban and rural areas of China. Its users are provided with various types of value added services and high-quality voice service.

Has telecom-grade IDC (internet data centre) , thus provides high-speed bandwidth, reliable and secure internet services. It also offers –

  • Basic IDC services – IP Transit, Hosting etc
  • IDC security services- firewall, backup, network security monitoring etc
  • IDC value added services- terminal maintenance, performance designing etc
  • Family-oriented software –CU MAX client provides broadband services and relevant internet browsing functionality.

1)     China Telecom Corp.Ltd.

It is a Chinese wireline telecommunication company with an extended broadband network over 30,000 hotspot places with transportation facilities in around 250 major Chinese cities.

It has the world’s largest single Wi-Fi wireless broadband network providing basic telecommunication services, Internet services and information services to over a million of users. In order to improve performance, the company invested a lot in broadband and internet services. The company improved network infrastructure capacity and actively carried out pilots on high-performance transmission network and next generation Internet.

Over the previous years, there was an improvement of 12 percentage points as 20Mbps access bandwidth connection coverage ratio reached 70% in urban areas.


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