Top 10 Reasons You Should Volunteer

10. Bring a Change: A very important benefits of volunteering are of course bringing in a change in the community and in your personal life too. Apart from the change it is very rewarding. It is easy to get keep yourself busy with your school or office, homework, play, sleep and repeat. Volunteering gives you a way out of your routine work.

9. Build your CV: You can always put your work experience in resume. Even if you have other experiences, as a student, volunteering is preferred over many other things as it shows your seriousness and commitment to your skills.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Volunteer

8. Finding friends: Volunteering brings in people from all walks of life together regardless of your interests and personalities. Working towards a common goal help you build team spirit in your personality.

7. Finding Opportunities: You never know if a certain job is good for you unless you experience it yourself. Volunteering gives you a chance to an eye-opening experience before you start an actual career with a certain firm. You will get to know about the pros and cons of working for that particular firm.

6. Learn New Things: Practical learning happens to be very impactful than classroom learning. Through volunteering you get exposed to various cultures, beliefs, values and communities. Through this exposure you develop an understanding of diverse cultures. Apart from learning, you will get to see how the classroom running actually works in the practical life.

5. Reference:  when getting a job, mostly references are considered. Fresh graduates find it hard to get a job without the right expertise in that particular field. Make your presence clear in any firm you are volunteering for, it improves your chances to get hired in the same firm and also they can provide you with a good reference for any other firm.

4. Helps your community Improve:  Volunteering in your own community helps your community develop. Attending daycare or elder cares will save time of a lot of working people who can put this time in some productive work. Tutoring is another way to give back to your community. It will increase the literacy rate in your area, thus moving towards a well-developed community. Volunteering can also be done in the form of keeping your surroundings clean. Cleaning the neighborhood once in a while and cleaning your neighborhood beach may decrease the likelihood of diseases.

Benefits of Volunteering

3. Personal Growth: Apart from giving back to the community, you get to improve your personality. As you develop more understanding for the people around you, you can develop a sense of responsibility towards your society. A sense of self satisfaction is realized when you see the change brought about by you.

2. Good for Your Health: In terms of keeping yourself healthy, volunteering is an amazing activity. By distracting you from stress producing patterns, it helps you to focus more than just you. Your moods and emotions are in control by helping someone and giving back to your community.

1. Fun: When you do something with full passion you always find fun in that activity. Volunteering when done with your friends, provide you an opportunity to spend more time with your friends by involving in same volunteering programs.

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