Top 10 Reasons Why Newspaper Is Still Popular In This Gadget Freak Society

In this so called gadget freak society, where old things are losing its importance, newspaper has always held their head up. Even though the electronic media serves the newspapers’ work in much short time, but it has never been able to acquire its position and importance in the society. Newspapers have maintained some unique recipes so as to hold on their position in this gadget freak society, keeping themselves beside the e-medias rather than going behind it.

Here are top 10 reasons why newspaper is still popular in this gadget freak society –

10. The first and the most important concept is the belief of the readers that newspapers always provide the exact information without taking any side or adding color to it. So putting the news as it is has become the USP which has always helped the newspapers to stay in good book of the mass.

9. Secondly, the cost of the newspaper is minimal considering other media platforms. In case of television, radio, or internet – one has to posses the set itself which is costly and should have the access to electricity.

8. E-papers have the disadvantage of its dependency on internet connection whereas one can carry newspapers along with them. So its mobility places it in an advantageous position. Whether you are at home or travelling or waiting in a queue, you may open it and start killing your free time.

7. Newspapers are widely available in almost all convenience stores. So when you are traveling and haven’t got the chance to read it in your home in the morning, you can buy it from a nearby store and read without worrying about spending twice for the same stuff.

6. In case of television news channels, news programs come in their specific time slots. Hence if one fails to follow the time he/she will miss the news, but with newspaper, the choice is always yours.

5. Older generation still prefers to start their day with newspaper in their breakfast table. And they enjoy reading two-three different papers to get the broader view on every subject.

4. In many areas, especially in the countryside, internet connection is not pretty admirable, so they stay digitally disconnected. For them, newspapers bring the story of the world to their faraway land.

Newspaper Is Still Popular

Why Newspaper Is Still Popular In This Gadget Freak Society

3. Many latest smartphones, readers, iPad etc might have the function to give you the latest news flash, but again it will be too expensive to buy the news apps as most of them are not available for free.

2. Another advantage newspapers have over other social media is that it will never severely affect your eyesight unlike modern gadgets.

1. Now-a-days people have very short span of concentration so they want to grab all the news in one roll. And writing pattern has been proven captivating always when it comes to draw the attention of the viewers. Most of the important information is provided in the first page of newspapers. For that you don’t have to browse and you can easily put your right thumb in rest.

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