Top 10 Reasons Why Facebook Is Widely Used Around the Globe

Facebook is one of the most used social media tool right now. It comes with endless possibilities and enables all its users to fly high in terms of business and relationship. There are other reasons why Facebook is loved by millions. Although many claimed that Facebook has some negative points, it is undeniable that this tool has greater possibilities, far greater as compared to its negative points. To show you the reasons why Facebook is widely used around the globe, here are the top 10 reasons.

Top 10 Reasons Why Facebook Is Widely Used Around the Globe

It Enables Anyone to Stay Connected with Friends

Facebook is the best tool to use if you want to stay connected with your friends. It keeps your connection steady by allowing its users to stay connected even with the use of mobile phones. This is why Facebook is used by millions if not billions.

It Comes with Chat feature

Just like any other social media tool Facebook allows users to chat with other users despite the distance. The truth is, the number one reason why Facebook is widely used is because of its chat feature. Every time you are logged in you will see who of your friends are online and offline. With this is mind, it is faster to communicate with long lost friends.

It Doesn’t Require Any Registration Fee

Unlike other social media sites, Facebook doesn’t require any registration fee. The only thing you’ll do is create your profile and that’s it. So if you are given a chance to use a social tool as a form of communication, why not use something that is free of charge right? This is why Facebook is loved and used by millions.

It is User Friendly

Let’s admit it, not all people around the globe know how to navigate a certain site especially the oldies. Only teens and young adults are quite familiar in using computers. The old generation are those who have difficulties using computers however some are starting to get the hang of using Facebook because it is user friendly. Its interface is not that hard to navigate and only common sense is needed.

It Allows you to Post What you Feel

Facebook can also be a form of shock absorber or acts as your best friend. Because this site allows any of its users to post what they feel in a form of “Shout Out”. So if you feel sad or happy, you can let everyone know about. If you feel any anger, you can honestly let loose and express yourself.

It’s a Great Tool for Marketing

Nowadays, the power of social media is widely used in marketing. It is easy to market a product or services with the use of Facebook. Because it is easy to connect with almost anyone, whether you know them or not, as long as they accept your friend request makes them a possible consumer. Marketing is made easier, faster and less expensive.

It Can be Used to Look for New Relationship

Some people nowadays are using Facebook to find the love of their life. Aside from using dating sites, Facebook can also serve as a tool to find new love interests based on the status a person poses. You can either choose to be interested in men, women or both and display it no your profile.

 It Comes with Pictures and Videos

We all know that it is more convincing and entertaining if there are images and videos in a certain site right? This is what Facebook offers. It allows anyone to post pictures and videos and even enable tagging of those media files to any of your friends. It makes the experience more fun and entertaining.

It is Perfect for Business

If you are running a business, Facebook can do more than just marketing. You can make use of the site to establish good relationships and later on use to your advantage such as business. So if you are a business man or woman, Facebook is quite useful and this is why it is widely used around the globe.

It Connects Families

Family is the most important unit in your life and thanks to social media; family members far from each other can still feel connected. Facebook enhances connection and strengthens families despite the distance. This is one of the many reasons too why Facebook is widely used.


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