Top 10 World’s Most Popular Environmental Issues

World is currently suffering from different environmental issues and not too many people are aware of them. However, with the help of media, these issues are brought to the different corners of the world, triggering people to have that sense of awareness. This is essential because these environmental issues need to be addressed, remedied, and resolved once and for all – the soonest possible time, the better.

10. Connecting Science and Policy

Policy makers should be aware of the fact that they need to execute a high level of awareness and confidence to any kind of innovation presented by science to them. The fact is that many policy makers are more interested about how they will benefit from introducing such innovations than the potential harm these innovations can cause to the planet.

9. Biodiversity Conservation

Biodiversity is an important component of the world’s ecosystem. When we say “biodiversity”, we simply mean certain types of ecosystem services, disease control, crop pollination, coastal protection, floor regulation, recreational benefits, and food production. These areas should be well protected so that there will be something left for the future generations.

8. Risks from Newer Technologies

Because of the scarcity of food, experts have made it possible to genetically produce crops. However, the experts have this certain fear that these genetically modified foods may or can cause a great danger to humankind.

7. New Land Rush

“Land Rush” is a term used for the areas where plants will be propagated to provide food and fuel supply in the future. However, this kind of scenario actually contributes to land degradation, deterioration of the ecosystem, and loss of biodiversity as well.

6. Forced Migration

Because of the onset of different types of natural calamities and disasters, the UN has estimated that over twenty million people have been displaced since the year 2008. And according to UN, about 200 million people will be affected by forced migration by the year 2050.

5. Degradation of Inland Water

Because of the rapid growth of population, water inland waterways and sources are being endangered. All of these are due to dumped chemical wastes, medicine residues, chemical runoffs coming from fertilizers and herbicides, and untreated sewage.

4. Electronic and Nuclear Waste

E-wastes are pollutants and can in fact cause diseases and health problems. Millions of TV sets, computers, laptops, and other devices are being dumped to other countries causing dreadful diseases and death to people touching heavy metals, lead, and mercury coming from them.

Environmental Issues

3. Prevention of Ocean System Collapse

Oceans are highly important parts of the world’s support system. Because of exploitation, many fishing areas have been damaged, causing havoc to a huge number of people all across the globe.

2. Creation of Clean Energy (Renewable)

Instead of burning fossils that make the environment impure, it is best to find cleaner and safer sources of energy, renewable energy so to speak.

1. Climate Change and Global Warming

Global warming actually entails the threatening effects on the polar caps, displacing population from the tropical islands and coastal cities that could significantly affect the human race’s ultimate survival.

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