Top 10 Science Myths That Most People Believe

Myths usually get started when people try to explain certain things to other people and give somewhat plausible accounts that are easily to be believed. However, myths are one thing and hard facts based on scientific observations are another. Below are the ten most common myths that people believe.

10. The “5 second” rule

Contrary to popular belief, food that is dropped to the ground is not okay to be eaten even if it is picked up in five seconds. The truth is that germs are present all over the floor and they attack the food the moment it touches the ground. Would you really want to eat it now that you know that?

9.  All acids burn skin

The reality is that hundreds of different acids are known to be existent and only a handful of them are capable of disfiguring human skin. Citric acid and vinegar are examples of weak acids that we regularly take in. The three strongest known acids, not in any particular order, are nitric, sulfuric and hydrochloric acids. These three in the concentrated forms are capable of causing severe burns to the skin.

8. Brain cells don’t self-replicate

Most of the cells of our body are capable of regeneration and the old dead cells are dusted off. In fact, most of the household dust is just dead cells of people. However, people thought brain cells are not capable of regeneration because that would disrupt the functioning of a brain as complex as that of a mammal. However, in 1998, scientists in Sweden conclusively proved that brain cells can in fact regenerate.

7.  “A penny dropped from the top of a tall building can kill someone on the ground”

It stands to reason that something dropped from such a height can gain enough momentum to cause some serious damage the moment it reaches the ground. But the effect of the wind combined with the miniscule mass of the penny, keeps catastrophic things from happening. A person at the bottom would at most feel a sting.


6. Lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice

This is more a proverb than a myth. Lightning can certainly strike one place twice. It is in fact quite common. Thunderbolts hit the top of the Empire State Building about 25 times per year.


5. There is no gravity in space

There is plenty of gravity in space. In fact, gravity is what makes the stars spin around the centres of galaxies. The reason why astronauts seem weightless is because they are orbiting Earth. They are being pulled towards Earth but are also moving sideways just enough to miss it.

4. There is a dark side of the moon

The only dark side of the moon is the Pink Floyd album. The reality is that sunlight hits all areas of the moon for equal amounts of time. However, approximately half the surface area of the moon is never visible from Earth. This is because the moon rotates around its own axis in exactly the same time it takes to spin around Earth.


3. Evolution means “getting better”

Evolution simply means “survival of the fittest”. Some creatures have changed a lot and some little. Some have even changed in ways that do not look like improvements at the first glance. Examples of living things that have remained practically unchanged over long periods of time are mosses, fungi and sharks.

2.Humans explode in the vacuum of space

The only source of this myth is sci-fi movies. Humans are capable of surviving brief encounters with empty space as long as they exhale beforehand.

1.Synthetic chemicals are dangerous

Many of the chemicals made in labs are exactly the same as those found in nature. Most of the prescription drugs are formulated in labs and are exactly the opposite of dangerous.

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