Top 10 Ways to Turn On and Seduce a Guy

Men are usually considered as strong and uncomplicated persons but when it comes to women they act little differently actually that time they become some different creature and feels little puzzled. When a man sees a sexy girl passing by him certain vibes are created in his body. There are various things about a woman that can make a make a guy turn on desperately.

10 major turn n points on a guy is discussed here:

10.Type of accent that she uses:

Its nothing like that the sound of the intonation of a girl should be vey glamorous. The girl can be a from anywhere across the globe and a man can be influenced by just a foreign pronunciation. Tone of voice of a girl can be most exhilarating when she makes use of some phrases from her local language. The most exciting and sexy thing about not knowing the accent of a girl is that you have to guess what she is trying to say and actually what she is expecting from you to do to her.

9.Her confession of loving sex:

A large number of guys mourn for the fact that his girl is not interested and dont want sex as the extent to which the guy wants. So at a time when a girl shows her interest and tells his man that she wanted to sex it is considered as one of the best turn-on time for a man. When he gets a signal from his girl he understands that this is the time to make his bedroom looks perfect and comfortable as they are going to spend much of their time together in the bedroom only. If a man comes to know about the willingness of his girl towards sex it is time he gets turn-on all of the sudden

8.A girl driving a motorbike:

A girl looks really hot driving a motorbike. A girl driving a bike gives a man untroubled look watching that a man becomes really excited. A Female who rides a bike creates a sense of obscurity. This is the only reason due to which most of the motorbikes companies use female models with glamorous clothing to advertise their bikes as it increases their sales too. A woman riding a bike really turns on a man and the man gets attracted towards her desperately.

7.Voice of a girl should be very sexy:

Men are the fans of the sexy tone of a woman. Quality of voice doesn’t matter it can be rough as well as soft the major thing that is to be considered is the sexy appeal in the voice. Sexy voice of a girl is regarded as a turn-on point for a man. A sexy voice can create trembles in the guy’s body from spine through hearing system. If a girl’s pronunciation is sexy enough then a boy can be very easily gets on.

6. Attractive breasts

Breasts are the most attractive part in the girl’s body that can easily attract a guy. This is a globally proved fact. It is considered to be a good thing that females are the one that have breasts. Males usually get attracted towards the awesome bust line of a girl’s breast. When we asked men to describe them there were millions of astonishing smiles on their face. They created many of the different words to describe them, some of these words are knockers, rack, melons, headlights, and assets etc. So large and glamorous breasts of a girl are considered to be a big turn-on point for a guy.

5.Great ass of a girl:

A girl’s ass also attracts a guy to a high extent. Actually guys love girl’s asses. A well-formed and pleasing butt on a girl is also a turn-on point for a boy. The manner in which a girl moves and her butts shake to and fro with her every movement and her cheeks also swings with the movement is actually considered as a sign of mating. Men are really very much attracted towards the hips and are actually hypnotized by them and desperately waits to have a nearer look.

4.A porn star look can also work:

all the guys can be easily turned on by woman that is just came directly from an adult type video box. This is all is done visually all the effects are created by seeing. That means looking at such a girl who looks like a star of porn movie gets the men attracted towards her. It holds her sexuality on her face that can be easily judged by a guy when he sees her. These type of girls have group of people moving around her. Number of strip clubs present in the particular area tells about this point. So this is among the turn on points for a guy.                                            

3.She has full lips

Kissing a woman is one of the most wanted things a guy wanted to do with his girl. Men just love kissing a girl. And women with great lips are considered very sexy and the great lips create a desperate feeling in a boy to kiss his girl. The look of wonderful lips forces a man to think that how good he will feel when the girl kisses various parts of his body. If a woman has such a full and attractive lips then all the men gets an urge to kiss their seductive lips. So big n sexy lips of a girl is also consider to be a turn-on point for a men.

2.Her dirty talks:

A man whose girl talk dirty to him is considered as the luckiest man on this earth. Guys are the one who starts the sex in the bedroom and if his woman talks dirty to him then this is the cherished thing for him. Boys are very excited when his girl talks to him about the stuff she desired to do and the stuff that he had done to her. This discussion is mostly preferred when the guy is on the way to his business trip. so that when he is alone in the hotel room during his trip he don’t feel loneliness and also he can have some awesome phone sex with her girl who is not with him at that point of time.

1.Taking a glance of her undies:

The most tempting vision of a man is having a look on what his girl is wearing under her clothes. Actually men usually like to have a look on the scanty outfit that is somewhere exposing the nude part of a girl’s body. Its somewhere unexpected by the girls that men actually likes this but it is actually true. When a man catches a glimpse of a bra of a girl from her t-shirt then he gets very excited to see what is there under it. And this glimpse create a restlessness in a guys mind as he always keeps on thinking about it until and unless he can do something with it.

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