Top 10 Ways to Keep your Kids Happy

Happiness is something each family dreams of. But only few master in keeping their family chirpy and delightful. Family is an amalgamation of people of different groups, ages and thinking. However the most important group in the family is the youngest group, i.e. our children. Being a parent, one always thinks about ways to keep your children happy. But not all succeed. In spite of loving their child unconditionally they fail to provide happiness to him. It is because parents don’t know what really makes their child happy. It strains relations in the family. Here are top ten points which parents should keep in mind to keep their children happy.

10. Help with homework

Proper guidance and support of their parents always makes a child blissful. Parents must always encourage their children in realizing their dream also provide a lending hand in letting them achieve those dreams. A small help provided to them can create wonders. Also, taking a few hours from your tight and busy schedule and helping your kids with their homework doesn’t make much difference to you but it surely is very advantageous to your child. This not only helps your child in academics but also builds his faith in himself. This also strengthens the bond between parents and children.

9. Give gifts

Celebrating joys together are sometimes very necessary. Enjoying small-small happiness together and standing united in hard times builds great and unbreakable bonds in the family. Presenting small gifts to your child fills his heart with joy, it cherishes him. It is very crucial for parents to make their child feel special. Giving gifts to your child occasionally delight him. Planning a birthday bash for your child’s birthday, making it special will definitely make your child happy and gay. Showing love is very important. All parents love their child but letting your child know that he is being loved is also necessary.

8. Don’t nag

Parents must be very careful and consistent with their words. Telling them that they love their children and then yelling and shouting at them afterwards and calling them stupid, contradicts what they earlier said. Instead of nagging at your child when he makes mistakes, parents should calmly make them understand that what they did was wrong. This also inculcates discipline in the children. Consistent nagging, shouting and scolding your children have a very negative impact on children’s mental status. Furthermore, screaming and shouting will not undo the child’s mistake, so appropriate step must be taken afterwards.

 7. Stop comparing them with others

This trait is common in all parents. Parents compare their child with other children in their society or community. This comparison is often based on beauty, intellect, etc. This annoys their children a lot. Parents must not compare their child, especially in front of others. They must realize that all children are not the same; everyone has his own capabilities and shortcomings. Also they should help them in overcoming in their pitfalls. Consistent comparison with other children initiates an inferiority complex in them, shunning their growth. They also lose their confidence in themselves. They start blaming themselves and the circumstances, losing the morale.

6. Consider their suggestions in family matters

After a certain age, it becomes very important to consider your child’s suggestion in family issues. These issues may not be big, simple things like choosing the color of paint in the drawing room or which car to purchase must be asked for their children as well. Also serious thought must be given to their suggestion. When the outcome is what they wanted, they feel delightful and it gives them a feeling of maturity. All the more their suggestion are not always useless, sometimes they come up with a solution which the elder people of the family could not think of.

5. Spending time together

Keeping in touch and spending time together is one of the most important aspects which the parents should keep in mind. Everyone is busy in today’s era, but forgetting your child in the blind rat race for money is unacceptable. Simple things like eating together, praying together can strengthen bonds between parents and their kids. Doing domestic chores together, playing on weekends are things which in spite of seeming so minute, does so much in keeping a child happy.

4. Make them feel special

Every child is the blessing of god. Considering your child less than others is a practice parents must avoid. Every child has a unique quality which makes him different from others. Parents must praise and appreciate their child’s talents and potential instead of making them feel inefficient and worthless. Parents must applaud their child’s talents in front of others too. This makes him feel more confident and further aids in polishing his potential. It is very important for a child to know that his parents believe in him and will stand by him in all the good and the bad times.

3. Plan holidays

Spending time together is one of the most important attribute in making children happy. The parent should plan family trips after regular intervals to different places. This revives the feeling of unity and wholeness in children’s heart and they enjoy it. Parents must take out time from their hectic schedule as their children expect them to be with them sometimes. Going on holidays together builds a very firm bond in the family members. It helps in building a heart to heart connection. Special care must be taken in choosing the destination of vacation keeping in mind the needs of their children. These trips should be planned once or twice in a year.

2. Consistent praising

Praise your child if he does something good! It escalates his / her self-confidence. You should encourage your child. It is very necessary for them to know that you are happy at their victory, even a small one. This will help in their character building and will give him more zeal to achieve greater heights. Persistent encouragement is a must! Your consistent praising boosts the morale of your child helping him in believing himself, having faith in his ability. This gives him the feeling of self-contentment. Parents must have faith in their child’s potential and must always stand as a pillar of strength for him.

1. Give them privacy

Parents must try not to cross their child’s “DO NOT DISTURB” limits. Privacy is something which a child must always get. It is not wrong to know your child’s whereabouts or talk to his/her friends but parents must not hesitate in drawing lines. Getting along with their friends too much sometimes irritates their children. Parents must not keep their children in tight leashes. Giving your child the necessary freedom is vital. They must trust them and have faith in them. There must be a friendly relation between them. Parents must realize that keeping children in chains and being over protective does no good.

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