Top 10 Ways To Distinguish A Bad Friend

10. If Your Friend Is Bossy


Friendship is all about the bonding between equals. In a friendship, no one dominates, and no one has the right to be a listener all the time. If you find your friend as a person who dominates you, makes the final decisions, stands in front as the leader or manages to win arguments between friends, then make that person out as a black sheep. True friends do not try to be dominated or bossy. If your fried has such a character, then he/she is not a good friend.

9. If Your Friend Is Asking For Validation


If your friend asks for a proof of friendship (that is not at all needed in friendship) understand the fact that he/she is not a good friend. One must realize the fact that friendship is a bond of love, and does not need any kind of proof or validation. You can only judge a friendship by the passage of time. A real friend is someone who stays close to you in times of need and time alone can tell you that.

8. Being Judgmental


When you are in a really bad situation, all you need is the right solution. This is where you need the advice of your best friend. A friend is one who supports you even when he/she understands that you are on the wrong side. The friend may point out your flaws but they have no right to be judgmental. May be we might need some advice or someone simply to listen to us. Pointing our mistakes at that point of time can be irritating, and friends do not do such a thing.

7. Being Jealous


Friendship has not the space for jealousy. A friend is someone who is happy when we succeed. If your friend shows signs of jealousy when you have succeeded or achieved something, then such people are not your real friends.

6. Being Undependable


Dependence is one factor that is necessary in every relationship. Everyone makes it sure that they depend on their loved ones for one reason or the other. We tend to depend on our friends in certain situations, when are not able to defend our family. If you do not trust your friend enough, you would not tell him/her when you are in a difficult situation.

5. What If Your Friend Gossips?


If your friend is a good one to be trusted, he/she will not only say well about you in front of you, but do the same even if you are not there. Some people tend to say bad things on your back, and they cannot be counted up as good friends.

4. Being Self Centered


Being friends does not mean you have to be a mere listener. If your friend tends to tell about himself/herself all the time, and does not care to listen to what you say, never count him/her as your friend. Such people can be selfish and does not care for their friends. So avoid them at once.

3. Being Mean


If your friend is mean all the time, and is only available for getting help from you for his/her needs, then it is a clear sign of a bad friendship. People who make use of others for their personal need cannot be considered as good friends.

2. What If Your Friend Breaks Your Trust?


Friends are those who are meant to be trusted wholeheartedly. But if your friend breaks your trust, then it can be an alarming sign that your friend is not a true one. If you have trusted on your friend very much, he/she must rise up to that level, rather than letting you down.

  1. Not Available When You Need The Most


Availability is yet another factor that keeps friendships going on. If your friend is there for you in your tough times, or your ups and downs, then he/she is a good friend who can be trusted for a life time. But when you find your friend running away when you need him/her the most, you must be wise enough to understand that he/she is not worthy to become your friend. 

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