Top 10 things to do Post Breakup with your Girl Friend

Love is the eternal feeling of purity. It is the purest form of happiness known to the human race . Although, there are instances when one gets completely miserable when in pain of break-up. It is just rough, and no matter how tough you are, the pain of break up breaks the one completely. Here are the things one must follow while facing a break-up problem.


10.) Remove Memories

This is the first thing one must do while facing a break-up. The things relating your ex can always make you cry and feel to get her back. Since we are human beings and it is a natural tendency that once we get emotional felt, we feel to get it back. All you have to do is to remove all those memories which remiind you of her including songs, photos and everything which are closely associated with her. Try to concentrate on the things which you love to do and soon enough in time, one can feel the change.


9.) New Start

Sun always rises once the night comes to an end. So the break up is like old things. Once the old things are gone, try to adapt yourself in to newer one and try to overcome your emotions regarding her. Be in a circle of new friends and your those loved ones, who care for you, cherish you and most important have been always with you. This is just a fresh time for a fresh start. All you have to bother is for yourself. Make a new beginning.


8.) Reminder List

Although, not very important to do, but yet make a summary of those things, which made your ex not suitable for you. This way you can develope a feeling of detachment from her so that you will feel, she was not of your standard nor your type. All those things which you wanted and was not in your ex must be included in the list so that the feeling of negligence can be tough enough to make her the least important. One thing this will help you remind is that ” No more torture further on”.


7.) Write for yourself.

In the time, it is better to pen your feelings down in a diary and this habit will make you self confident and will boost your mental strength. This is the best way to learn lessons from your own life and very soon you will find a new energy flow in to yourself.


6.) Friends

A friend in need is friend indeed. As the famous sayings goes true in this case also. While the one is facing break-up he should be in company of his good and loyal friends who can comfort him and make him feel good always. Talk to your friends as much as you can and being in a compassionate and supportive environment helps a lot.


5.) Control your Hatred

This is the high time, when one is out of control and the range of rage is at the most. This is the time, one should learn to control his hatred as well as anger. Anger will only make you feel as a looser and it won’t be much useful to make you forget your past. Once the anger is controlled and self satisfaction is achieved, you will feel yourself free from all tensions and problems and moreover it is not advisable to waste your energy on to someone who will make no more differences in your life.


4.) Pain-Cope

This is the one thing, which is done by yourself. You have to bear the pain all alone and making yourself compatible with her loss. You have to make yourself realize that she was a total mess to you and acceptance of the responsibility is more important. The acceptance to move on in your life is the key factor in stabilizing yourself after break-up.


3.) Have Some space

Once the decision is final that you have a break-up, then break it completely. Although if in case you two have decided to be friends then one thing you have to make sure that never allow her feelings and face hurt you nor you should share your personal feelings with her. This can be fatal and will subsequently make you fall for her again and this is the worst of the phase. So even if you have decided or not to be friends, keep your space and stay away as much as you can. Time will heal every problem.


2.) Think Carefully and thoroughly

Once the break-up is final, you must give it a thought that how was it useful for you. Consider your future in a great way and think only for yourself. There are always chances that one gets smuggles with the past, but if you have a high sense of consideration of thoughts and enough hard mental attitude, then it is quite easy for you to have a thought about it and make your future plans ahead. The best thing about this is that it will avoid any problems in future.


1.) Never Rethink

Once the decision you have made, there should be no chance of for a re-think. The decision once you have made, should be considerably consolidated and hard enough to move ahead in life. Try not to have some other thoughts or some second options in life after you have made your mind once after the break-up.

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