Top 10 Things Men Like In Women Above Good Looks

The things men like in women are often beyond looks or physique or any of the standard things we think men fall in love with. Physical appearance is probably the first thing they observe but when it comes to settling down, looks often have the least importance. It may be unbelievable, but there are many other non physical things men like in women. Some of them are listed below.

10. A Good Listener 

Most men like women who are able to truly listen without giving tips, lectures or comments. The ability to just listen to what is being said is one basic thing men like in women because it is very supportive.

9. Accomplished and Contented

Women who truly enjoy the things they do are more attractive. Men like women who are positive as well as happy about being who they are as a person. They like women who are satisfied with they have.

8. A Good Cook

It is said that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It is one of the best ways to capture a man’s heart. Men love women who are a good cook and women who would be ready to learn to cook for them.

7. Spontaneous

Being spontaneous is another feature a man likes in a woman. Women who are spontaneous in almost everything they do are generally admired by the men.

6. A Good Driver

Even though men always criticize about the female drivers, many of them would also agree that driving skills are a necessity for a woman. Some men even admit that they love a woman who is a good driver.

5. Able to Enjoy Food

Going out to a restaurant to relax, have a good time and discuss about the good taste of the food instead of talking about the calories and fats it contains, shows the confidence of a woman. Men love women who enjoy their food more than counting its calories.

4. Caring

Men always love a woman who cares for them. Pamper him when he is tired or sick, surprise him occasionally, listen to his problems. Tell him everything that you can because this quality is one of the most important things men like in women.

Good Looks

Things Men Like In Women Above Good Looks

3. Real

Although fake girls with almost everything in them, attract a lot of men and probably get a lot of free drinks, most men agree that they would never consider fake girls for something more than just a casual romance.

2. Ready to Compromise

Every man feels better when he gets to know that his woman is ready to negotiate and try to find a solution that will be acceptable for both the sides. Men love women who are always ready to compromise.

1.  Funny with good Humor

Most men always love to settle down with a woman who has a good sense of humor. They just want to ensure that his lady finds the funny or positive sides in the future events that may be stressful and hard.


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