Top 10 Reasons Why Women Get Jealous

Isn’t it cute and fun to see a woman gets jealous? However, if women get jealous almost all the time it could really be annoying right? Have you ever wondered what makes a woman go crazy and gets jealous? Women are actually predictable, most of them are easy to please as their brain are program to focus more on their “emotional brain” rather than their “thinking brain”. No wonder most women can easily get jealous over something or someone. So here are the top 10 reasons why women get jealous most of the time.

Top 10 Reasons Why Women Get Jealous

1.       Insecure

Insecure women are those who feel they are not valued enough in a relationship. They tend to get jealous when their men are with someone they don’t know. Insecurities take over their emotions and clouded their thinking brains. Insecure women lacks assurance, so if you have a girlfriend or a wife, make sure to assure her that you love her dear most of the time as if helps lessen the insecurities.

 2.       Lack of Trust

Trust is a deep and valuable thing to give away. Most women easily trust however once broken, expect to earn it even harder than your first attempt. Women lacking trust are always jealous. They tend to think of other things that you might be doing. In other words, lack of trust could lead to being paranoid and jealousy.

3.       Previous Infidelity

An incident of a previous infidelity is really hard for this is one of the most common reasons why women get jealous. Who wouldn’t get jealous if you caught your man doing naughty things to another woman? This is one source of jealousy.

4.       Too Much Emotional Attachment

As mentioned earlier, women are more focused on their emotional brain rather than their thinking brain. Most women especially those who do not possess power over a relationship tend to be clingy. They get too emotionally attached with their partners they can get jealous without any reasons.

5.       Urged by Female Friends

Funny as it seems, but other women get jealous because they are urged or encouraged by their female friends. Most women confide in their best friends of any personal issues especially when it comes to love affairs. A woman confiding is expected to be vulnerable to almost anything and once a female friend urges her to do certain things, it can easily be done. Therefore, jealousy is sometimes caused by friends urging a female friend to get jealous.

6.       Incorrect Information

A relationship can easily be ruined because of incorrect information. Often times, women get jealous due to hearing incorrect information from someone else and later on realized it was just a stupid story.

7.       Poor Communication

Communication is very important in a relationship. A relationship without good communication will surely not last. This is why poor communication is one of the many reasons why women get jealous. Who wouldn’t get jealous and think of suspicious thoughts if you called your partner and can’t get through the line most of the time? Despite not liking it, negative thoughts could possibly enter a woman’s mind which causes jealousy and eventually into something deeper.

8.       Misinterpretations

A simple act can easily be misinterpreted. Just like communication, if a woman misinterprets your gesture and thought your actions were not appropriate, especially when it involves other women can cause jealousy. So be careful if you are with your partner for possible misinterpretations can occur.

9.       Presence of Pretty Women

I’m sure most women will agree that a presence of a very pretty woman in the area could sometimes be the cause of jealousy. Don’t you wonder why most women tend to nag their husband after work? It could possibly be due to a very pretty office mate. Seriously, this is one of the many reasons that generate women to get jealous.

10.     Lack of Confidence

Indeed, confidence is a big factor in women. Without it, a woman can easily get jealous. So it is a must that you help your woman build her self confidence in case she lacks it, for it can be the cause of conflict if she tends to get jealous most of the time.

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