Top 10 Reasons Why Friendship is a Good Foundation in a Romantic Relationship

Friendship is said to be one of the best kind of relationship one could have to someone. Being friends mean you have someone you can trust, rely and ask for whatever kind of support from a person. But is friendship really a must in a relationship? Some might disagree however there are some who believes that friendship makes a couple’s relationship stronger and healthier. So let’s check out the top 10 reasons why friendship is a good foundation in any kind of relationship.

Top 10 Reasons Why Friendship is a Good Foundation in a Romantic Relationship

1.       Know Each Other Deeply

When you and your partner have been friends before dating each other, this is one good foundation that could help your relationship succeed. A friend is someone who accepts you for who you are deep within and not by what you have and own. This only means that being friends before even dating, you guys already know each other’s attitude, your likes and dislikes, your boundaries, what makes both of you happy and sad. This alone helps your romantic relationship succeed.

2.       Builds Trust

Being friends means trusting each other. When you guys are friends way before getting link to each other as a couple only means you both have trusted each other since you were friends and up until you guys become lovers. Friendship helps build trust in a couple.

3.       It Strengthens Connection

Friends are those who often do things together despite not living under one roof. Because of this, it strengthens the bond between the two people. If you are friends with one another before having a romantic relationship, it only means that you’ve been hanging out together which had created strong connections between the two of you. This is why friendship is really a good and healthy foundation in a relationship.

4.       It Enhances Loyalty

Although there are few friends who are not loyal, it is undeniable that most friends are really loyal with one another. Starting a friendship to someone helps build the sense of loyalty which could later on be strengthened once your relationship stepped up into something romantic.

5.       Builds Strong Support to One Another

Friendship is also a good foundation in a romantic relationship because strong support is provided. Being friends for years could only mean that you have been supporting each other in whatever activity or things one do. So if a couple were first friends before the start of their relationship, it will even build a stronger support system.

6.       Lessens the Adjustment Period

Couples who have been friends for years mean they probably have adjustment to one another way back their friendship stage. So if friends are now lovers, adjustment period is not that hard as they know each other very well.

7.       Supported by Families

Most friends especially a man and a woman who have been friends since they were kids are supported by their families. Their relationship is approved by everyone and the parents of both sides probably love seeing their grown up kids marry each other someday. A good support from the family is important in having a healthy romantic relationship.

8.       Have Common Friends

Because you guys are friends for the longest time, it is just right to expect that both of you have the same set of friends or common friends. This alone could help strengthen a couple’s relationship. Having the same friends lessens the worry and doubts of what your partner could possibly do or who she or he is with right now.

9.       Serves as an Inspiration

Aside from trust and loyalty, most friends serve as an inspiration to one another. This is why a friendship is a good foundation for it helps couple inspire one another rather than destroy each other of jealousy.

10.   Knows Each Others Past

If you have been hanging out with someone for who knows how long, means you guys must be good friends and must have known each other’s past or history. This is another important reason why friendship helps strengthen a couple’s romantic relationship. Both person know each other’s past, previous activities, ex-boyfriends and girlfriends and a lot more.


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