Top 10 Reasons For The Conflicts Between Parents And Teenagers

Clashes between Parents and teenagers are very common and not even a single family is left untouched by these.  These conflicts also create spaces between the family members. Teenage is the time when a person gets his/her independent thinking. Here are top 10 most common causes of these conflicts.

(10) Fear of losing freedom

Teenagers try to establish their identity independently and are less patient in finding the thorough knowledge about something. Parents try to pull them back which they think hinders their freedom.

(9) Disagreements among masters

Teenagers start developing their independent thinking and no more depend on their parents to find the answer of each and every question. When parents answer and the teenager’s answer do not match, conflicts occur.

(8) Zeal to know the new world

There are many things which teenagers do not get while under the supervision of parents such as the freedom of visiting a new place much farther from their home alone. Teenagers try to escape the boundary of their elders’ supervision and when caught doing that, it results in conflicts.

(7) Desire of breaking rules

Since childhood, children are set to follow many rules with no reason or inappropriate reasons. When they grow up to teens, they ask for the reasons and sometimes instead of asking, decide to break the rules.

(6) Backfiring and argumentative behavior of teens

Teens are not small kids who can be threatened by different means. Parents also find it irrelevant and teenagers are always ready to oppose it. Even in some cases, it makes teenagers more violent. When a teen does not want to do something, he/she refuses and offer arguments to the parents.

(5) Teenagers become Moody

Teenagers are moodier than need-oriented. Teenagers many times opt for doing something which is not needed and leave the things that they should do at that time. Parents often lose their temper when they find their children engaged in irrelevant works.

(4) Pals most important

Teenagers enjoy most with their friends of the same age and adults who are not more than 10 years older than them. With the people of their age, all have many things in common such as adventuring attitude, rule-breaking behavior and much more. They also enjoy the adult talks a lot. Parents’ fear of their children getting distracted and try to control them. Teens think their parents do not want them to enjoy.


Reasons For The Conflicts Between Parents And Teenagers

(3) Gaining maturity

Teenagers are gaining physical as well as mental maturity. There are many hormonal changes also occurring in them. They run after things allowed for adults such as watching adult movies and parents deny them doing so.

(2) Balancing study and enjoyment

Teenagers sometimes find it very difficult to form equilibrium between studies and their pleasure. They get a pressure of study and career. Simultaneously, they are ready to sacrifice study for things and doings which they find fun.

(1) Teenagers are less responsible

Teenagers often forget their parents’ sayings such as spending less money, looking after their younger ones, taking care of their things etc. This makes parents angry with their teenage children.

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