Top 10 Qualities of a True Friend

10. Should be Honest


True friends may not necessarily share the details of every second of their life, but they are always clear about their intentions. True friends will always present the correct image of themselves before you. They will always correct you whenever you go wrong, and also give you the right advice.

9. Should Be Attentive and Expressive


True friends can always make out even the smallest tension in your face with the change in your expression. They are ever ready to listen to you whenever you want to pour your heart out. True friends are always expressive about their views.

8. Should Be Supportive


True friends will always know about your dreams and desires, and will help you to achieve them. They will never force you to change and lose something that matters you a lot or drag you in any situation that might be uncomfortable for you.

7. Should be Always Available For You


True friends are always available to each other in every difficulty. They will stand by your side whenever you need them. True friends will always try to take out of sadness by reviving you with positivity. They also know when you need them and no one else can control you as much as they can.

6. Should Be Trustworthy


A true friend is always trustworthy. There may some secrets that may be hard for you to share with your family. You always tend to share such secrets with your trustworthy friends. True friends will never break your trust by spreading your secrets or by cheating you.

5. Should Care For You


True friends always care for you. They will be happy with you in your joyful moments and will get worried all through your tensed moments. They will be ready to do everything that pleases you like watching your favorite movie with you, getting your favorite food, etc.

4. Should Accept You as You Are

Two friends hugging

True friends know how to deal with your faults. They will always forgive you for your mistakes and even when you hurt them. They will treat in the best possible way even when you fail to do so. True friends will always love you unconditionally.

3. Should Be Protective


True friends are always protective of each other. They will protect you from all the troubles. They may sometimes behave rudely with you, but they will never let anyone else behave the same with you. They will always fight for you, when someone misbehaves with you.

2. Should Be Unique


True friends are always unique, and fun to be with. A true friend is the one you always like to be with. They share common interests with you. There is a high level of comfort, and also mutual humor that makes them laugh and enjoy each others company.

1. Should Be Positive


A true friend is usually positive. They always try to input their positivity in your thoughts and keep the negativities away from you. Their positivity makes you feel happy and more comfortable with them. Having friends with the positive attitude helps you to become positive towards life.

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