Top 10 Negative Effects Of Divorce On Children

Divorce is a onetime legal issue, but it has lifelong emotional and mental consequences. The effects of divorce on young children depend upon several factors. But the most important of these is the relationship between the parents. Another important factor is the age of the child and the third factor is the gender of the child. Some of the negative effects of divorce on children are mentioned below.

10. Financial Instability

If the parent who left was earning for the family, there is a decrease in the financial support as one adult is gone. As a result, there may be a change in the standard of living, limited alternatives for sports and other activities, and finally a limited list of options for higher education of children.

9. Stress

Regardless of the age of your child, divorce can cause a lot of stress to them. Changes in their lifestyle, meeting the absent parent separately, explaining to their friends and family, etc. can all be stressful for the children who are unable to deal with this.

8. Change in Behavior

Significant change in behavior is common for the children as a result of divorce. They can possibly behave in an aggressive way like picking fights, not cooperating, arguing at the school, etc. It can also result in shyness and a desire to be alone.

7. Guilt

It is normal for children to blame themselves for their parent’s divorce. They may feel that if they go to bed when they are supposed to, brushed their teeth more, or win their favorite game, their parents would still be happy.

6. Drug Addict

Children of divorced parents who are unable to deal with their emotions and the trauma may become addicted to drugs later on in life. It is the feelings of depression and anger that encourage them to get involved with the wrong crowd and be exposed to drugs.

5. Greater Chance of Getting Divorced

Children of divorced parents are more likely to marry as teens or marry someone who also comes from a divorced family. If both the partners have experienced a divorce as children, they are three times more prone to divorce themselves.

4. Health Issues

Children of divorced parents are at a higher risk of developing health problems. This is possible due to high levels of stress as their lives change considerably. Divorce can also reduce the availability of health insurance to the children.


Negative Effects Of Divorce On Children

3. Incomplete Education

Children who are forced to go through a number of changes, like a divorce followed by a remarriage, find more difficulty in finishing school.

2. Poor Academic Performance

Children of divorced parents often fail to keep up their classmates in math and social skills, and are more likely to suffer stress, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

1. Tendency to Crime

Children of divorced parents are forced to comfort an upset parent and have to lie for one or the other. The result was many of them turned to crime and few others considered suicide.


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