Top 10 Most Common Reasons for Family Fights

When there are too many people of different ages and mentality, in spite of the fact that they love each other they fight. This is a common story of every family. No matter how much they love each other, some fights are always there between the members of the family. Fights can range from small fights for toys to neck to neck fight for property. Sometimes fight can go to such an extent that people don’t even hesitate to kill each other. Amongst many reasons why families fight top ten of them are given below.

10. For Fun

Sometimes fights are meant just for fun! Some people derive pleasure out of fighting. It becomes their favorite pass-time. They merely start enjoying fights. Some people develop a habit of fighting for no reason. They fight just because they like to. There are people who shout at others but do not carry any hard feeling for them. It just becomes their routine habit just like eating, bathing and sleeping.

9. Television

The so called “Idiot box” is one of the many reasons why family fights. These fights are special among the sibling or between the husband and wife.  The fights become very common when there is a World cup going on! Generally the male members of the family prefer watching the match while their female partners want to watch their daily soaps which make the environment of the house hot. No one is ready to compromise which leads to family feuds.

 8. Unequal Distribution of Beauty and Talent

When the family is blessed with a single child, there is usually no fight. However when there are many children in the family, disputes are ought to take place. This is because the factor of “comparison” always comes. One child may be good looking while others may not be. Or one may be good in studies while the other may be not. This creates the feeling of inferiority in the later one. This feeling further rises when parents or other family members start comparing both the children. This generates the feeling of hatred in the hearts of the children and they start fighting over small-small things.

7. Domestic Chores

Usually the domestic chores are divided among the family member so as to ease the burden from the shoulder of one person. This however leads to many fights because it is the human mentality to think that the larger piece of cake is given to the other one, meaning that we always think that our piece of work is always more difficult and tougher than the other one. Regardless of the fact that what chore is given to us, we always think that our sibling’s work is easier. This is also one of the many reasons for a family to fight.

6. Unequal Love

The parental love is also one of the major reasons for a quarrel. Some parents love their son more than their daughter. This inculcates an inferiority complex. The level of depression also increases. And the love between the siblings goes on air. This is most of the times only psychological. Parents love their children equally but children always keep a count of kisses, hugs, etc. and compare with their own count and fight!

5. Shortages

When you don’t have enough resources to fulfill the needs of the family, disputes are inevitable. People start fighting even for a drop of milk.  When one child in a family gets an extra biscuit, havoc is created by the others. Also the craving for the things arises when it is finished. You will always want to have chocolates when there is none! All these things lead to small fights which later turn out to be big.

4. Spending too Much Time Together

No matter how much you love each other in the beginning, the love finally disappears. When two people spend a lot of time together, after some time passes to, they start getting irritated with each other. Even the small-small habits start annoying us which leads to frequent clashes between the members. The thing which is enjoyable to one may be irritating to the other. So too much closeness also results in fights and disputes.

3. Personality Clashes

Two people differ in the manner of their likes, dislikes; their personality etc.. it is difficult for them to adjust to each other. Also there are situations where one is ready to adjust while the other fails to compromise. Some members in a family are quiet and calm while others are short tempered. It usually becomes difficult for such people to share the same roof. This also leads to emotional detachment in the members.

2.  Generation Gap

The generation gap is also one of the dominant reasons behind family quarrels. A single gap in generations leads to lot of differences in thinking of an individual. For example, playing songs at high volume is music for the new generation while it noise the old generation. What is right in one’s perspective is wrong according to others. This difference in thinking and perceiving things often creates clashes in families. Late night partying is fashion according to children while it is a taboo for the parents.

1. Parental property

“Money divides relations”. Property is the most important reason behind family feuds. We are never satisfied with our piece of cake. Our greed for money is never satisfied. Also we don’t want to share our resources with others, even with our brothers and sisters.  The division of property is accompanied with neck to neck fight between brothers, brothers who once ate in the same plate. Brothers who are related to blood do not hesitate in killing each other for a small portion of land.

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