Top 10 Most Common Reasons for Breakup

It is said that being in love is one of the most beautiful experiences in life. Love changes it all ; from the way of thinking to the way of living. it teaches us to value someone else over us. It teaches us to be selfless in our life. but that is not always the case. Considering what is going on now a days love has just become a youth logo. People have lost the true meaning meaning of this beautiful feeling in their crazy needs and wants. That is why we see so many people breaking up ; be it a love affair or a wedding bond. The following can be some of the most common reasons for the couple to break up.

1. Family pressure.

It is not a rare case phenomenon that the parents have a problem with their child’s love interest.  it can be out of concern or out of arrogance but most of the parents find it hard to digest that their child is having a love affair.  Thus a person flourishing love life is subjected to constant mental pressure where in the individual is continuously made to rethink about his or her relationship. when the relationship is pretty new the couples find it very hard to handle the newly arrived trauma and decide to part ways altogether. Even if not new, just to get the peace back in life , the couple decide to break up.

9. Possessiveness

When in love specially if for the first time, the individual in the relationship tends to value the partner to such an extent it becomes impossible for him or her to see their loved one with any one else. They just want to tag along with their partners no matter what and no matter where. This over whelming sense of possession even though out of love is not so welcomed in the lover’s world. It gives the perception of being tied to something with chains. The partner starts feeling that he or she is being treated like an object and denies to accept this. Couples often break up due to this.

8. Insecurity.

Another common trait of an immature relationship. With just having started with a new individual in your life it becomes at times difficult to shower them with the trust that they deserve. Insecurity often is seen in couples who are very different from individuality point of view. Also if your partner has been into a relationship prior to this, or you know certain things about him or her or hear something that is not acceptable to you, trusting becomes all the more difficult. This invites unnecessary suspicions and demand of justifications. The tired partner often ends up demanding a break up.

7. Career.

In today’s world each of us grow up with a dream. We want to be something in life , we want to see ourselves as successful individuals. At times the desire to make the dream come true is so strong that the individual is ready to sacrifice everything. The person does not even realize that while he is pursuing his career he is losing some very important things in life. This ambitiousness often is seen to destroy the love relations  The other partner feels neglected. He starts feelings he is not important and this builds in a sense of insecurity. The relationship does not last long and is subjected to a break up.

6.  Communication.

It is very important for nay relationship to have a good rapport with each other. It strengthens a relationship. When its a love relation it becomes all the more important to have a good communication. This helps the two people to know each other better. When this fails to happen, the couple is not discussing out things or is not sharing their thoughts this creates a barrier which becomes stronger with time. The individuals start feeling that they don’t know each other anymore.  As we all know we can’t spend life with a stranger and so the couple often break up due to lack of a healthy communication.


5. Personal space.

Now at one place where it is important to have a good talk , it is also important to give your partner his private space. It is very important to keep in mind that your boyfriend or girlfriend or your spouse has his or her own individuality. Like you have your likes and dislikes your partner also has a set preferences. When you don’t give your partner any space of his own it gives the perception that you don’t value their priorities. This makes you the dominating and selfish one. The constant indulgence in your partners private space often leads to a break up.

4. Betrayal.  

As it is known , it is very important to trust your partner. No relationship can exist without this essential element. Untrustworthy behavior at times is responsible for this. If your partner holds a history which says that he or she is not trustworthy then it is possible that in the present too it holds an impact and the partner due to a past considers his partner as a betrayer. This often brings relationships to sorrowful ends. Also if your partner has a tendency of lying or you have caught your partner lying is taken as a betrayal no matter how small the matter is. This often reduces the rust that couples hold and culminates in a break up.

3. Finding a better person. 

It so happens that when a person is in a relationship he realizes that this is not what he wanted. he realizes that his partner is not what he thought of her. In such a phase when you are unhappy about your relation someone else’s arrival often becomes very inviting. The partner when starts getting the expected share of understanding and time from someone else the relationship soon leads to an end.

2. Violence.

Anger is the worst possible enemy you can find. It gets the devil out of you. Many cases are seen where in the boyfriend or the husband subjects the women to physical violence.  The man over silly things at times gets violent with the lady. This happens either due to lack of trust or due to the thinking that the women since his girlfriend is his property. The women is left with no option but to end her relationship which often puts her into a lot of trouble.

1. Fading with time. 

It is often seen that a very healthy couple in terms of looks and chemistry ends up in a very unexpected way. The couple seems not to be complaining nor bitching about their ex partners. It is just that over the time they seem to lose their affinity for their partner. This often is seen in long running relationships. They find nothing interesting in their relation nor any passion which they use to have. They seem to get very monotonous with each other and soon with mutual understanding decide to break up.


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