Top 10 Hottest Women to Date

Men !! This one is for you. We all men are always so much wanting to go dating, meet ladies, chat and interact with them, taking women out for movies, have lunch / dine with the ladies, or say one lady at a time. This one thing, i.e. women is something that pulls men towards them to a very great extent. One more very interesting truth is that hotter ladies are the ones that attract more eyeballs of men towards them. What is meant by that is men always want to be seen with more and more attractive, beautiful, charming, or simply HOT woman! Well, another interesting fact is that there are a lot of men who want to date different women but it is not possible for them to even speak to that woman. For e.g. let us say one  ordinary person loves Katrina Kaif a lot and wants to date her. This obviously is just his fantasy, but yes the thought or the fantasy might just be a mood changer. Today, we have for you Top 10 Hottest Women to Date, in the world belonging to different places, different backgrounds, and different fields Lets have a look ! :

10. Zooey Deschanel 

Remember this lady? Let me give a hint.. (500) Days of Summer. Yes you got that right! This hot chick has got multi-talents and guys are crazy about her. She is an actress, a musician (singer to be precise), a dancer, etc. Zooey’s most attractive feature, her BIG beautiful blue eyes which are just too awesome. To add to it is her sexy figure, her blond hair and her witty, chubbish attitude with a very cute face. One thing that might be saddening is her age. She is 32 years old so young guys, if you have that age issue, this might not be just the girl for you!

9. Adrianne Palicki

Ranked #9 we have the 29 year old Adrianne Palicki. She is very much known for two things. One is the TV series Friday Night Lights where she plays her role as Tyra Collette, Second is her beautiful body and nice curves at the right places. This woman is 5’11” tall which is quite a good height and she was also known as a fast runner during her school days. So catch her if you can ! Adrianne Palicki has a modest nature and is very kind and composed. She has a good French dialect too.

8. Kim Kardashian


Kimberley Noel Kardashian, the 32 year old chick is on #8 of our chart for the hottest datable ladies. This woman got richer by $5 million won by a court case due to an alleged sex tape of hers! She is known for her curvy figure and huge butts that she got implanted recently. Also known is the fact that she got divorced recently from her ex-hubby, so she seems pretty single these days. She is a reality TV star, a great actress, a socialite, etc. Also known for her kindness and richness, the pretty woman has a fortune worth $6 million, pretty rich huh!

7. Alexandra Stan

Does the image seem familiar? OK let me give a hint  : Mr. Saxobeat . Hope you got it! Alexandra Stan is the 23 year old, young hot sensation who made guys crazy with her amazing music in sync with her even more amazing sexy body perfect enough for a young hot woman. She is a Romanian pop star whose song Mr. Sexobeat made quite a stirr in a lot of nations and she sold around 1 million copies globally. She is one hot chick every young guy will look for to have a date with.

6. Jennifer Lawrence

This is yet another hot girl for young guys out there. She is just 22 years young, has a great appeal and is a youth star. She is one of the most talented American actresses of her age. If you have seen X-men first class then you might connect this woman with the amazing-figure Mystique, who ofcourse didn’t look that hot because of her makeup, yet the body and her figure were clearly superb. She has a calm composure and is said to be a decent actress. Want to think of dating with her? Here’s a bad news. Jennifer is in a relationship with Actor Nicholas Hoult for quite some time now. Broke a lot of hearts, didn’t she?

5. Miranda Kerr 

Here she is, on #5 one of the loveliest beauty known to mankind. Aged 29, Miranda made her professional kick start as a Victoria’s Secrets Angel. This Australian supermodel has everything a man wants just at the perfect place. Secret about her, she loves YOGA and meditation. Miranda has a wonderfully appealing body no one could ever resist looking upon. Likes to eat salads, likes organic tea a lot, strange eh?

4. Megan Fox

She is a 26 years hot babe that has made news all around. Starring in super hit holly films like Bad Boys, Transformers, the Dictator, etc she is one favorite of many guys she has appeared in Maxim and admired by FHM too. This Bombshell is said to be an inspiration for the hot bodies around. Sadly for us guys, Megan fox is married to Brian Austin Green for a few years now and has a son too. Still, we cannot disagree on the fact that she is too hot to be a mother lest married.

3. Katrina Kaif

Ranked Sexiest woman in the world in 2008,2010 and 2011 who doesn’t know this Indian Beauty. Katrina Kaif reportedly has the maximum no. of male followers and admirers in the world. She is the woman that has all the charm within. A wonderful personality, this 28 year old is the queen of men’s hearts. She is 5’11” tall, has a great curvy body with a perfect figure. While some call her a doll, some call Salman Khan lucky. She is the best contender for a date or say a virtual one. Katrina has a very good voice too, and a very calm and nice behavior. Made around 30 movies she also holds a record of Blockbusters in Bollywood for a fresher actress.

2. Cheryl Cole

Ranked as most sexy woman last year and on #2 this year by FHM, we have the hot Cheryl Ann Cole She is 29 year old and she is damn hot. Perfect figure, perfect curves and well built body. She is a song writer, model, dancer, actress and she is rich!! She has a British origin and likes to do public service and help the needy. Good girl I guess!

1. Tulisa Contostavlos

Here’s our winner!! Tula Paulinea “Tulisa” Contostavlos, topping the charts on #1 as the sexiest woman in the world. Tulisa is a 24 year old hottie and a bomb who rules the world in terms of beauty and features. Perfect is the word for her figure, she is of British origin and is a famous singer now a days. I guess people would love to see her more than listen to her. Has been a winner of the X-Factor this woman has got all you need : Beauty, talent, figure, behaviour, you name it and she tops the charts everywhere.


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