Top 10 Common Problems a Married Couple faces, Solve your Issues

Life story of every married couple is different. Some are happy with each other and others are just spending time without any feelings. Married life is full of various issues, life of couples is efficient if they stay up to the issues otherwise their relationship is complicated. Some couple needs to be well equipped and trained effectively to solve various issues faced by them. People go for training when they look for professional courses. When they study in schools they are trained in moral values, science, mathematics, english, etc. Where as  we don’t have any training programs for couples on how to grip marital matters but  remedies are there for those who hunt for them. Our teacher never taught us about being a good spouse. That is marriage doesn’t come with manuals or handbook and no one knows about challenges in married life until the one faces them. Here is a list of common problems faced by married couples. Just one of these problems can spread like a wildfire if not checked at an early stage and hence can bring their relationship to an end.

10). Relationship Boredom

As soon as years pass and the honeymoon feelings fade, the spark vanishes. And as a result most of the couples who consider that marriage is all about the flicker and glint gets disappointed. Such people need to understand the importance of marriage and should be aware of its meaning, they should know its meaning is far profound than having sexual relationships. As soon as the ecstasy and pleasure fades in such couple’s life they get settled in their daily life and thinks that their marriage life is not colorful as they wanted it to be and dreamed of. But such situations does not imply that they can’t get back the lost romance back.

9). Children and Parenting


One of the common problems of married coupled is that they have problems in deciding the time to have children. And when this issue is solved then the issue of way of raising the child takes root. The problem of deciding the time to have child can be due to social or biological aspect. In maximum cases women are likely to start family at an early stage, where as men first think of being economically and emotionally prepared. After having a child the issue of way of raising child arises, that is one partner agrees to the parenting style of other or not. In such type of cases one of the parents wants to b like harsh and strict like Hitler and other wants to be soft like flower.

8). Sexual Problems

Sex can be considered as one of the basic link shared by married couples and also can be a reason for other marriage problems. Lack of physical attachment in turn results to dullness in relationship. One of the basis for such an issue can be lack of time. The main tribulations of sexual problems are issues related to quality and frequency of sexual intercourse.

7). Conflict Resolution

Way of handling problems differ from person to person, and discussing on such topics can again give berth to problems. There are various types of personality, and because of variation in the way of living of people some couples find it to be incompatible to spend life with each other. Such problems need to be discussed at an early stage, other wise can lead to divorce at the end.

6). Expectation problems

In every relationships like friendship, relationship of children and parents, husband and wife, etc. Everyone expects something from the other person. A husband expects something from his wife, and not getting those expectations fulfilled problems arises. It is common have disputes when some caring, romantic and other impractical expectations are not met.

5). Money Issues

In various cases money issues arises due to lack of communication, when people are unable to communicate on money related issues openly. Hence insufficient amount of money is capable of shattering the married life as the couple’s income isn’t enough for their expenses. Financial issues lead to insecurities, arguments and other issues which are detrimental for marriage.

4). Spiritual Beliefs

This type of problems arises in life of couples who are in inter caste marriage, they find it very confronting to live happily with each other. They posses different believes and preferences in matters of faith, and find it difficult to negotiate on such topics and hence choose to be parted.

3). Time Problems

For maintaining a good and happy married life the time spent together and the time spent distantly are equally important. In many married lives the work schedules and the home plans are not at all compatible. When time management is balanced it results in chance of accord and augmentation. Not spending quality time together for a longer period of time can result in a lot of stress in married life.

2). Long Distance Relationship Problems

This issue is most common in present generation than the past history times. The main reason behind this is now due to advancement in technology and improved communication means the world has become smaller place and it is easy to talk and see other being in different parts of the world for free. But despite of having such advancement in technology lack of physical relationship affects the life of couples an hence there is a chance of drifting out of the relationship.

1). Lack of communication

A very famous line said by Deborah Tanner states that “Talking is the major way we establish, maintain, monitor and adjust our relationships” clearly states the importance of two way communication in life of married couples. Communication can bring them together easily, where as it has the power to push them apart. In case of communication issues the partner should have both the capabilities of listening as well sharing the views. If  a pair has communication issues former to marriage, then these problems are going to be poorer after the marriage, there for it is very important for a couple to talk about  the problems and issues of their married life openly.

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