Top 10 Common Mistakes That People Make In A Relationship

A committed relationship includes both highs and lows. At the beginning of every relationship, everything seems to be perfect, but as time goes by and the couple gets to know each other well, all the problems begin. Personal differences play a big role in creating problems between two people. But that also does not mean people should stop getting into relationships. Whatever it is, it is all about love. It about loves a person so much that you will be able to live with him/her along with all the problems. However there are some common mistakes which people tend to make in a relationship.

10. Change is always not desirable

Change is good but it should never get exaggerated. Many a times when couples are in a relationship for a very long time, they tend to make the promise of changing as a person for their better half. You must always remember that whatever the problem is, they require to be addressed in the case of a long term relationship. You should never make any promises when you are happy. Being practical is what we all need to be!

9. Fights!

Fights are sometimes good but not every time. Fights have the power to create distance between the couple. So why do anything which can take you far away from your lover? Fights are considered healthy for any relationship but the question is how far will anyone go? Outbursts are not always the way of proving a point. You can always sit and discuss.

8. Accepting Blame

Accepting blame for the sake of the relationship is not a very bad thing. After all it is your better half and you have nothing to lose with him/her. You are not in a competition with your partner. So do not let the ego take over your relationship. But if you are not at fault, accepting blame always will not be a very good idea as well. It can make your partner think that he may take you for granted. So think before you act.

7. Piling up all the issues!

Time is never going to stop for anybody. So it is best recommended if you solve all your fights or problems then and there. No time should be wasted. Bottling up all the issues for a long period will give rise to more and more disagreements. It may also result in emotional breakdowns.

6. Involving a third person

Involving an outsider is very easy in your personal matters but once you have done this, you will be left with no scope for regret. The third person will never understand what exactly the issue is, so why involve that third person? It is not at all required.

5. Communication

You always have to get your priorities right. Otherwise you will never be able to know what you exactly want. So no matter how busy you may be, you have to talk to your partner and this always helps. Waiting for the right time to talk to your partner is not a good idea at all. You have to just let it all go and talk and make that discussion so perfect that you will never have to think of breaking up.

4. Time problem       

Most of the couples fail in giving time to each other which can be really harmful to the relationship. You will be busy all the time with your work but the point is to make time from your busy schedule to spend time with your partner who is so special to you.


Common Mistakes That People Make In A Relationship

3. Negative attitude

Living with a negative attitude is a mistake that most of the couples make. You can always fight or argue over issues but focusing only on the negative aspects all the time is not recommended at all. You should always remember that positivity was the only thing which had brought you two so close.

2. Cheating!

Being honest is what it takes to save any relationship. If you have the tendency of cheating, then you should never think of getting into any relationship in the first place. If you are not happy with your partner, just go for a mutual break up but cheating is never the easy way out.

1. Sleeping when you are ready

Making out should never be the focus of any relationship. Love comes first. Making love is a beautiful feeling but only if you are ready for it. Just for making your partner happy, never go for sex! Later on it can cause several problems. So think before you give way to these things.

Relationships are very beautiful. Making things complicated will only hamper you and your life. So just keep things simple and loved!

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