Top 10 Best Easy Ways to Seduce a Girl

Seducing a girl is an art and you have to practice a lot to master it. Be patient is what will help you. It is very easy to get into her or fall for her, just a look from her will make you go crazy. But when it comes to getting her attention and making her fall for you, you have to travel a long road. So here we have the top 10 seducing technique for all the guys out there!!

10. Start a normal conversation:

Girls are usually more into the bad boys or you can say the alpha male. When you start a conversation don’t stick to a dull and boring topic. If you think being decent wont bore her you are very wrong. If you really want to have an image of a delicate, subtle man you just need to understand the art of moulding your sentence in a way that won’t look cheap. Even if you want to talk about sex, remember there is no wrong in talking about it just try to be in Shakespeare’s form. Be slow, musical and poetic.

9. Be special to her:

You have to be more special for her. Acting like a friend, listening to her problems and always being around her won’t help you. She will see you merely as a friend. Just show her you are really interested in her and she means more than a friend to you. You have to be more than a friend if you really want her to be yours.

8. Praise her:

There is no girl on earth who does not like to be praised. Giving her compliments and respecting her ideas and opinions would make her fall for you. Don’t try to criticize her and never be dishonourable with her friends. This will obviously impress her as she will know that you are in awe of her beauty and commend it with decency.

7. Listen and respond to her:

Girls just don’t get impressed by your good looks or your expensive cars and six figure salary. You really need to pay attention to what she is saying. Leave all other thoughts at home when you are with her. Be an active listener. Make her feel that you are a very good conversationalist by laughing with her, nod at times, don’t interrupt her until you are asking for more details and mirror her actions. She will really feel connected with you.

6. Be entertaining:


Girls want boys who are not too funny and they like guys who are serious at the right times. Boys who are more entertaining and funny grab more attention and they are liked by everyone. Humour is really important if you really want a relationship to work. No one wants a boring and serious relationship. Just try to be humorous but don’t try to be over funny because that is not at all cool.

5. Connect with her emotions:


Try to connect with her emotions because it is rightly said that emotion is the weapon of mass seduction. Try to understand what makes her sad and what makes her happy. If you need to cry with her do that she will feel good. Bring her somewhere she can laugh, somewhere romantic where you both can easily connect. You don’t have to do all this if you just want to get her to the bed.

4. Don’t Pretend and be original:

The most important thing you must remember is to be original. You will often try to focus her attention on your positive points and not on your negative points. You might be a Casanova but you try to pretend that you are not. If you really want her to be into you just try to be what you are. It is a natural tendency of human beings that they try to act differently and in a better way to impress the ones they love. Remember, if someone loves the person you try to pretend to be that does not mean that she actually loves the true you.

3. Make eye contact:


When you are talking to her look into her eyes and make her feel that you are really interested in her and whatever she is saying you. This is a myth that it’s very hard to understand a girl but the problem is that you try to think in your own way and not try to think like her. It’s no rocket science to understand a woman just try to get into her shoes once and try to understand what she wants you to understand.

2. Her boyfriend’s weakness is your strength:

The mission is “Incapacitate Her Boyfriend”.  When you have conversation with her try to bring up her boyfriend’s topic and make her talk about his weaknesses. When you do so, this will make her think how incompetent her boyfriend is when compared with you.

1. Don’t go for the pants directly:

Don’t try to avoid the topic about s*x but just do not talk about it all the times. Most of the men start this conversation at the wrong times and hence they have to face the rejection. Just don’t rush into this topic. Be slow. You will eventually see that the girl will herself bring up this topic even when you are not expecting it. So be patient this will surely help you to get her.


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