Top 10 Best Innovative And Impressive Ways to Propose a Girl

An elegant proposal from her life partner is a dream comes true for a lady. If you really love her from the core of your heart, just have a look on these top 10 suggestions.

10. Perfect picnic arrangement

Arrange a picnic for your partner and take her to green valley’s or hills where you both would be able to spend quality time.  Make sure that you have chocolates and champagne in your bucket and make the environment more romantic by singing a romantic song. Then express your heartiest feelings for your loved ones.

9. Surprise dinner

You can make your partner surprised by a perfect dinner arrangement. Book your table previously, in the best cuisine of your locality. Order her most favorite foods and hire musicians if possible.  Make the whole thing in a holiday so that both of you have enough time to stay together and then propose her.

8.  Cloud Nine

If you are from an affluent family background, then you must hire a jet or a plane and take her high to the sky. Propose her with bunch of rose petals showering upon her. You can also arrange fireworks with a lovely message showing her privately.

7.  Banners or big screens

You can also place banner in front of her home which will contain your unspoken feelings. Flying banners are also available to make the moment more memorable. Moreover, you can take her to a ball game and show the massage on the big screen. Until and unless she watches, make her stay to the seat.

6.  Movie date

Pre-arrange a party in theater and invite yours and hers friends and family.  Keep it a secret and take her there as if you are going to watch a movie. Show your proposal on the screen as an advertisement which appears just before the movie and when she smiles after watching, give her the ring and start the party by calling others.

 Rose Petals

5.  Scrabble

Engage her in a scrabble game and when the game is half completed, anyhow manage to put your message on the board, as, will you marry me or I love you.  Spin the board to place the message towards her and make her smile.

4.  Giving a pet

If she is a pet lover, then gift her pet like a cute puppy or kitten which will bring the ring attached in its collar. But keep in mind that you have chosen a perfect breed which does not create allergy and do not let it go anywhere until you are getting successful.

3.  Giving roses

In traditional way, you can also give her a bouquet full of roses and a bunch of chocolates of her choice and then propose her.

2.  Radio proposal

If she is fond of radio, then register to her favorite station and then dedicate a romantic song with your message for her. She will like the approach as you are proposing her in front of the world.

1. Traditional way

Simplicity is the best policy ever to propose. Just be the true self and tell her what you feel about her. Show your feelings for spending the whole life with her by making her feel honored and precious.


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