Tip 10 Things Women Like in Men More Than Goods Looks

Women as well have their own preferences when it comes to physical appearances. There are a few things about women that attract men apart from good looks. Likewise, women also have their own wish list in a guy they meet. Here are a few things from the long list which can possibly help men make a woman fall in love with them. Let’s check some of them.

10. Time

Of all the things that women would like from men, time with their partner tops the list. Women who declare to be in unhappy relationships spend less time with their men. Uninterrupted time means time spent without the cell phones.

9. Good Grooming

Men who dress well are in demand. A poorly dressed man can turn off a woman easily. It is an effortless thing but something almost all men often neglect. Men must tidy themselves well with quality man products and perfumes that smell great on them.  

8. Transparency

As we all know, Honesty is the best policy. This is another most important feature woman like in men. Men should never lie to her woman if they are thinking of a lasting relationship. They will face some initial criticism but ultimately makes them win over the trust of her woman.

7. Self-confident

Women love men who are strong minded, who believe in them self and also their decisions. Women fall for men who can put someone else in place when they disobey or misbehave.

6. A Good Communicator

Along with a good sense of humor, knowing the way to talk to a woman is a quality that all women look for in a man. Women like men who speak fluently in a low tone and show true interest in the woman while speaking to her.

5. Respectful Behavior

All women with good nature like a well mannered and caring man who treat others well. Treat everyone with respect and everyone will treat us with respect.

4. Compatible

Being a good human being is not all that a woman wants in her man. Being compatible is also equally important. A woman might not be keen to go out with her man for her personal issues of compatibility even if she likes him.

Man Gives Flowers

Things Women Like in Men More Than Goods Looks

3. Can Cook for Her Woman

Taking your lady to the best restaurants in town is a good idea but she will not mind if her man can cook one of her favorite dishes when she is hungry. Such moments are always cherished by every woman.

2. Likes to Surprise her Woman

Women love surprises whether its chocolates, gifts, love messages or even a bouquet of flowers. Women love them in any numbers. Women will definitely fall for a man who can surprise her more often.

1. Appreciation

Women always like to be appreciated. Likewise, women like men who often appreciate them for their deeds. If you are a guy, make sure to appreciate your lady genuinely.


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