10 Things we can Learn from our Parents

From the day we are born we stay in the coziness of our parents. They become the center of our worlds. They surrender themselves completely to the well being of their children. Right from wearing clothes to eating food they have guide us on everything. They taught us to walk and speak. Our parents might not be the greatest writers or philosophers but their words of wisdom stay with us forever. in their little own ways they have given us a way to a better future. A future that they wish for us. For each child its parents are the role models. Each child grows up learning each quality that it sees in its parents. The following are some of the things or qualities that all parents inculcate in their child.


10. Time is the cure.

There are many times that we have been through the trauma of losses. Some lose their father while some lose their mother at a certain time in childhood due to death or divorce. While some are burdened with the loss of their beloved pet or friend. Our parents understand right from the look on our face what we are going through. Be it single parenting or being there together our parents teach us to handle ourselves in difficult situations and control our emotions. We learnt from them that with time everything gets back to normal. Time takes away all the pain with it. We have moved with this principle and still believe in it in our youths.


9. To work hard.

We saw are mothers right from the break of the sunshine till the dawn doing the household chores. Even when she is not well she does not skip her job. If your mother works she takes care of her job as well as house. She tries her best not to neglect a single requirement of her job or her household. Our fathers works for long hours in the office for their families. Be it the finances or imparting strength to the family in weak times he never has shown his back. We learnt from our parents to give it all you got. How to fulfill a task once it is given to you. They taught us that the only way to get rid of a job is to finish it properly. We learnt from them to work hard and this made us a better employee and a better family member.


8. To Take responsibility.

We saw our parents helping each other out in spite of being busy with their work. On holidays our father helps with the child so that our mother can relax. He offers to bring the kids from school in case mother cannot make it. Our mothers are seen tirelessly arranging for fathers stuff if he is going out to some trip. She takes care of the other jobs as well in his absence. We learn this sense of responsibility from our parents. They inculcate in us by daily basic activities. Taking care of the crying sibling or helping mother while carrying grocery. This sense of responsibility has made us a better citizen and a family person today.


7. Nurture our interest.

Each child is different. We have our own likes and dislikes. Even among the siblings no two preferences are alike. If one child is good in academics the other is good in sports. Our parents taught us to enhance our interests. They taught us to recognize our potential and move towards it. They made us believe that with little hard work we can certainly be the best in our area of interest. It is this motivation that helped us to choose wise careers. They did not allow us to blindly run towards what others are after. They taught us to make a career in what we liked to do and that made us what we are today.


6. Not to give up.

In our childhood and early youth there were many instances where we gave up to the situation. Be it the class president speech in front of the entire class or a dance competition. We many times were on the brink of giving up. Our parents came to the rescue. They taught us not to fear and run from a situation. They helped us face the difficult situation and overpower it. They stood by us and help us reach the victory. This lesson that we learnt from our parents comes o our rescue even now because life can get difficult any time. In difficult situations we can hear our parents in our minds telling us not to give up and fight back and we do that to emerge glorious.


5. Never to be proud.

Our parents do a thousand things for us. They gave birth o us and have taken care of us since then. They fulfill all our needs, give us education and gifts. But do you remember them being proud ever? No they were not. There was always humbleness in them. We learnt from our parents to never be proud. Whether you have the latest video game or an expensive bike they always taught us to be humble and sharing and never be proud. This humble behavior helped us make many friends and gain love and respect from others. The only thing we should be proud of is to have such wonderful parents.


4. Never to lie.

Our parents taught us to be honest no matter how difficult the truth is. They explained us how things can get bad if a person lies. When we were kids we often take lie as the way out to escape parent’s scoldings. They taught us that it is better to speak the truth and accept your fault rather than saying a thousand lies. This honesty that they inculcated in us made us more trustworthy in lives for our friends and colleagues  We saw for ourselves that honesty is so important in relationships and work. If not for our parents we would have never understood this important lesson in life.


3. To be respectful.

We saw our parents loving each other and we also saw them fighting. What was consistent was that they never thought disrespectfully of each other. No matter what they always respected each other. Even with us they had respect and this is what they taught us. They taught us to be respectful not only while talking to the elders but also with the young ones. They taught us not to use profanity ever. We learnt from them that the way we speak tells a lot about our families. If we want respect we must first give respect. This made us more respectable individuals today.


2. To love and care.

Our parents symbolize love for us. The only thing that they have done for us is that they loved us unconditionally. It is not that they bought us expensive gifts and costly accessories. Most of the parents cannot afford that. But still they have loved their children . We learnt from our parents that loves is never about money. It is never about how much you can spend. Love lies in those little things that you do each day. It lies in the thought you have and the concern you show. Love lies in caring for one other. we learnt from our parents the importance of that little good night kiss and appreciating the food made. This has in large way contributed in having happy families today that we belong to.


1. Family comes first.

Life is full of hardships. There are loses , there is competition etc. Many times we don’t get what we want . in spite of giving all we got we only face failure. People around us keep changing colors  The only thing that ever remained consistent was our family. No matter there was failure or success our family is always there. Even when we flunked in exam or did not win any competition our parents were there to support us. When dad did not get the promotion mom did not leave him; she was there even closer to him. Dad loved mom no matter how much weight she put on. We learnt from our parents the most important rule of life that is ” Family comes first” . It is and it will be always your family that will be there by your side. Our parents taught us never to ignore your close ones if we actually want to be happy.

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