Top 10 Reasons Why Manmohan Singh is worst Prime Minister India

Dr. Manmohan Singh Kohli is the Prime Minister of Independent India. He was Finance minister in Indian Government in 1991. He was considered as the key person in the development of Indian economy by introducing sturdy reforms in Economy Sector. These are just few lines about Finance Minister Manmohan Singh, but when it comes to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, many questions arises on his leadership. He did’t do well to attained the success of prime minister. The recent scams are enough to show that his cabinet is full of corrupted people. not only the scams list but the overall government performance has shown inability to perform for the welfare and development of the people.

Here is the list of top 10 reasons why Manmohan Singh is not a good prime minister :

10. Under Achiever

When Manmohan Singh got the Chair of PM, everyone had lots of Expectations from him. Peoples were seeking for few more reforms which will propel the Indian economy on the right track. Unlike the huge fall in the Indian GDP and rise in the Inflation made many questions on his work.  India Today published one issue of their magazine showing Manmohan Singh with ‘Under Achiever ‘. His lack of decision taking skills made his image diminished in the worldwide.

9. Lack of Decision Taking

Lack of decision taking character is also a very big allegations that has always been made on Manmohan Singh. He was always criticized for the inability to take his own decisions. Many times he is said a efficient economist with very poor leadership skills. Opposition and media also made allegations that he is not as much effective as the head of the government. He had never taken decision from his point of view as a leader of nation who works for the development of nation, rather then he take all decisions under the pressure of his party members.

8.  Silent

Silence is more powerful then thousands voice. But the phrase seems to be odd for Manmohan Singh. He is also criticized for not speaking on the current burning issues in the country. He always tried to remain away from the main issues and not spoken that much, public was expecting from their Prime Minister.

7. Dull Attitude

Prime Minister of India is strongest and most powerful position in the Indian democracy. The Person sitting on this chair is supposed to be the one with the attitude to do justice with these powers. Manmohan Singh is considered as very less impact PM. Dull Attitude is another very negative point about his personality. This attitude creates a different image of him, a image which shows me helpless and Dull Prime Minister. He announced pubically that a Joint Parliamentary Committee will be set up to investigate 2G scam, but all his wording has done nothing rather than wasting time and money of poor people.

6. Corruption

Manmohan Singh led two successive UPA governments, UPA-II comes out to be the most corrupt government ever, Adarsh Society Scam, 2G Scam, Common Wealth Games Scam and many more. Manmohan Singh is found to be the main convict of the Coal gate Scam, the biggest Scam in the history of India, this thing also makes a question on his leadership and also the way his government and his cabinet ministers looted the Indian Resources creates a very big question for him. He failed to explained that how he handles the situation of all scandals. Had it been a strong government, it would have definitely taken a strong decision against all these corruption reports.

5. Not A Motivating Speaker

Leader is supposed to be the one who have skills to motivate their public during bad times. When citizens are looking for something from their leader. Among many negative points about Manmohan singh another one is he is lacking a good speaker skills, his speeches lacks a positive attitude and confidence.

4. Public Jokes

Jokes in Public and in social Media also diminished his image. Many times jokes were made on his silent behavior, like ‘Please put down your phone in Manmohan Mode that is silent mode and many more jokes made on his behavior. Instead of that he never tried to do something to pull up his bad image. Again a joke on him, Dentist Said “ please open your mouth at least in my clinic”.

3. Meek And Week Prime Minister

According to the Indian Political Pundits Manmohan Singh is considered to be as the meek and a week prime minister in the Indian History. His government has never spoken anything about the allegations that are imposed on them but in near future they had to come to public and give answers to all questions. His is not a saint, he is captured by bad trapping in power. He might be personal at his personal level but he is the head of most corrupted political party in India.

2. Accidental Prime Minister

Manmohan Singh is the accidental prime minister in the Indian history. He never stoop in the election and is not elected by the people. In a democratic country we all are lead by a leader who is not elected by us. Earlier Manmohan Singh used to travel in Maruti 800 but later when he came to power he is being served by Mercedes cars only. The sudden increase in his personal wealth are clear sign of his corruption.

1. Worldwide Media criticism

Recent post in The Washington Post has described Manmohan Singh as a ‘tragic figure’ who may go down in the coming history. The post has also described Manmohan Singh as a underachiever. His image is not only damaged in front of Indians but also is a global damage figure. In the post, where it also describes the worries of the Manmohan Singh and all his corrupted scandals.

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