Top 10 Reasons to Not Support SOPA, Against SOPA

Lamar S. Smith introduced the U.S. bill, Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). It is meant to increase the ability of law enforcement against online trafficking in intellectual property and counterfeit goods It would give government officials unlimited power to very rapidly shut down any website that is found to engage in or enable or facilitate copyright infringement, but side by side it is also affecting the citizen’s lifestyle. The enactment of SOPA will result in denying access to various social sites which the government thinks is not legitimate. Here are top 10 reasons to stop SOPA

10. You will be bound

Presently one can notice a large no. of downloads within a fraction of seconds, but with SOPA coming into action, it will be very difficult to imagine our limited access on the internet. With SOPA enacted you won’t be able to pirate without strict actions being action against him/ her (the ones who don’t need be afraid anyway). But you won’t be able to post a video of you hanging around with your friends on YouTube or a nice song that you like. The uploading and downloading on the internet will be restricted to a very large extent. The count of downloads of any video will fall exponentially. This will tie the hands of the common folks.

9.The language of the document is very vague

One of the reasons for not supporting SOPA is that the government motives for bringing out SOPA bill is still unclear. It is not specifically formulated for the benefit of the people but the government. Instead of stopping the cyber-crime it claims to stop, it is restricting the people’s access to the internet and giving immense power to the government to work as per its wish. The opposition parties have valid grounds not to support this bill, and they will try their level best not to get this bill enforced. It is drafted in an unjust and poor manner. The goals of the bill are not indicated properly which is one of the reasons behind its mass rejection.

8. Favorite sites blocked

Imagine what the world would be like to some if some of their favorite sites like Facebook, YouTube will be blocked. The life would then be unimaginable. And those who are addicted to the internet must start looking for another hub. This could as well end the world of social networking. If the act is directed only towards the rouge sites its language must specify them and not just be vague about it. It will also be very unfair to innocent people to pay for the mistakes of few wrongdoers. Acts, laws and bills must be made to punish those at fault and not the common folk who has got no hands in the cyber- crime.

7. The economy will be badly affected

SOPA will have a devastating effect on the economy. Internet is known to contribute a large share in the annual GDP. The internet is known to provide thousands of jobs for people. For example, Facebook apps employ almost 200,000 jobless people. With SOPA being passed large no. of people will lose their job affecting their livelihood. This will lead to high rate of unemployment. This will also stagnate the development rate of the country. Various industries advertise on the internet, SOPA will also have an adverse impact on these industries. This is just the direct impact of SOPA; the indirect impact would also be no less disastrous.

6. Restriction on Education system and Art

The internet is the pool of information. The internet is also the teacher for many. It is the most updated source of information as people are kept aware of even a minute change happening around the world. If SOPA is enacted, the power of information will highly be affected as the information would be under the supervision of certain government organizations. These organizations will keep an eye on each and every update on the internet. This will greatly affect the educationalists and the artists as internet is their one of the important source of information. Their hands will be tied by these government corporations. Various artists would be restricted by the government on not to expose their artistic work on internet.

5. Experts don’t support SOPA

There are many experts who don’t support government bills like SOPA and PIPA. They confidently claim that the enactment of such bills will have great consequences on the technical aspect of the Internet. It becomes an important point to consider as their claim is not vague like the common mass; they have solid reasons and proofs to support their notion. They have asserted that laws like SOPA will lead into the segmentation of the global domain name server (DNS).  This segmentation will make internet unauthenticated and unreliable. They have emphasized that many websites will be blocked on the internet, this will make the internet network biased and people will lose their trust.

4. It gives the government unlimited power to block any website outside SOPA

If SOPA law is passed, his will harm the Democratic concept. This will enormously increase the power of the government. The government would then be able to block any site which is not according to its whims and conditions. Many sites are aimed to be open source, in order to facilitate the flow of information and data to the common people will be culminated by the government. The government doesn’t have deep knowledge about the internal intricate design of the internet, thus being incapable of controlling the whole network.

3. Boundation on Freedom of speech

Freedom of Speech is one of the 6 basic rights given to the citizens of any democratic country and is the most important right. The internet is the only space where people can speak their hearts and mind out. People express their views and feelings openly on any topic, even those related to government in public debates on various internet sites. With the government having the super power of the internet, these sites will face a huge risk of getting blocked. People’s right of speech would also lose its real meaning as they will then be restricted.

2. SOPA will not stop piracy

The main reason behind bringing SOPA into action is because of “online piracy”. The government and those in favor of this bill claim that SOPA will bring down the rates of piracy. This is however not true, as the culprits will find some other way out to carry out their piracy. This act gives the government all the powers to control the websites; however, the wrongdoers will bring out new techniques to fool the government.

1. SOPA will affect the world

Though the SOPA bill, if passed will only be enacted in the United States but its impact would be worldwide. This is because the internet network is global and not just limited within the U.S. boundaries. This will hugely disrupt the flow of information across the world. The basic motive of bringing up internet will then be compromised. Restriction on a few sites in the U.S. will also damage the site’s functionality in other countries as well. This will create widespread  economic  instability.

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