Top 10 Most Powerful Countries in the World

Well there are 206 nations all over the world. All these nations work together sometimes, sometimes they fight with each other. There are so many nations in the world which have rivalry with one another. All the nations of the world form some important organisations like United Nations, etc. Most of these organisations work mostly on the recommendations of powerful nations as they are the stronger bodies. Power of the nations depends on various factors like defence power, nuclear power, economic growth, etc. Hence we can understand that the current international politics and international decisions and relations all of these depends on only one thing, i.e. power of the nations. Strong nations make strong decisions and weak nations can’t affect that much, they can only support the powerful nations. Also a lot of power depends on the economic strength also as in today’s world we all know that money means power. Mostly economic growth is measured in the term of GDP rate etc. Well you can check the list of top 10 most powerful nations of the world here.


Having a GDP rate of 1.7% and inflation rate of 10.45%, Turkey is the tenth most powerful nation of the world. Having a rapid developing rate it has achieved a great economical growth. The country is situated in Western Asia and belongs to the list of Eurasian countries. The GDP rate per capital of the country is $14,742.269 and it have a great defensive power.


A big economic power which is growing day by day. The largest South American country(5th in world) is also the ninth most powerful nation of the world. The GDP rate is 3.37% and its GDP rate per capital is $12,320.792. Having a total inflation rate of 6.5% the country is officially named as Federative Republic of Brazil.



The biggest democratic nation of the world is the eight most powerful nation of the world. India is the seventh largest country in area and second most populous country of the world. Having GDP rate of 7.25% and GDP Rate per capital of $3,892.752 with an inflation rate of 6.5 India is a rapidly developing nation and enjoys one of the highest developing rate all over the world. Moreover it enjoys the second military power of the world.

7.)United Kingdom

Once the strongest nation of the world having colonies all over the world and the sole super power over the world, now United Kingdom is the 7th most powerful nation of the world. It is a sovereign state having strong economic structure and defence power, it includes the islands of Ireland, Great Britain and many smaller islands. Its nuclear weapons stockpile is very large and hence it enjoys a great power.


A small island nation located in Pacific Ocean in East Asia is the 6th most powerful nation of the world. The great defence power and rapidly growing economy are the major factors behind making it one of the most powerful nations of the world. Its GDP growth rate is 0.7% and GDP rate per capital is $35,907.131. Having a Inflation rate of 0.5% its one of the most technically grown nation of the world.


The Republic of Germany is the 5th most powerful country of the World, it enjoys the largest economy of the European Union. Having a great growing economic structure it is one of the most powerful political nations. Germany is a great Nuclear Power having 23% electricity supply from Nuclear Plants. The GDP rate of the country is 2.1% and Inflation rate is 3.67% whereas the GDP Rate Per Capital is $38,815.316.


Its a unitary semi-presidential republic country and it consists of various islands and territories which are scattered over some continents and in the three oceans. Defensive power is great and it have the highest percentage of nuclear power electricity over the world. Having the Annual GDP growth rate of 1.6% and GDP rate per capital of $35,,804.821 its the fourth most powerful nation of the world.


Well once the strongest nation of the world, now its the third most powerful nation of the world. This country also belongs to the Eurasion region and is a federal semi presidential republic. This country alone meets the 6% of the total world’s energy via nuclear plants only. Its defence is also too much strong. The GDP rate is 1.6% and GDP Rate per capital is $17,904.352 whereas inflation rate is 7% .


China the 2nd largest country in terms of land is also the 2nd most powerful nature of the world. Having a large population in terms of which they are first in world they have a great human power. In the recent years china have emerged as a very powerful nation in every field. The GDP rate of China is 1.6% and its inflation rate is 8.5%. The developing rate of the China is one of the topmost highest growth rates.

1.)United States of America(U.S.A.)

Well everybody would be expecting this top rank to belong to USA only. Well known as the superpower all over the world its the biggest power present in the present scenario. The GDP rate of USA is 1.6% and its GDP rate per capital is $9,157.407.  Moreover its inflation rate is 8.2%.. Its the biggest economic and defence power of the world and is gaining over more rapidly.

Well now as you know about the most powerful nations of the world you can guess who holds the power to change this world.

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