Top 10 Best Orators in the World

There are people who are popular and known for their speeches and their quotes. There are people remembered from the history because of the great orations they have delivered. Oratory is an art of public speaking in which a person requires great confidence and knowledge. We here present the list of the top 10 orators in the world yet known.

10. Barack Obama (1961 to Present)

He is the present president of United Sates. He is a very powerful orator and he give speeches with his full capabilities. One of the best speeches he has given is the victory speeches he gave in Chicago. He is the only African-American president of United States. His speech at democratic National Convention 2004 gave him the position in the top orators in the world. The most convincing thing in the speech is not the way he delivers it but the lyricism in the oration.


9. Ronald Reagan (1911 – 2004)

Ronald Regan was also known as The Great Communicator. He was the 40th United States President. He was also the governor of California. He was also a actor and a television film star. He gave a mesmerizing speech “ Tear Down This Wall”. When he gave speeches on the topic of war he used to be very steady and affirmative and created a deep impact on audience’s mind. His most famous line was “there you go again”. He had a unique ability to connect with people through his speeches. He was able to communicate very effectively with the audience, with the camera and hence earned his title.


8. Martin Luther King Jr.(1929 –1968)

He was born on 15 January 1929. Martin Luther King Jr. gave speeches which showed criticism against racial discrimination and his support for Non-violence. He was a civil right activist. He was very radical in his aspects. “I Have a Dream” is the most famous and inspiring speech he has given. He gave this oration at Abraham Lincoln memorial. In this speech he talked about the racial equality and criticizes racial discrimination. The speech lasted for 17 minutes. He was awarded with Presidential Medal of Freedom in the year 1977 and congressional gold medal in the year 2004.


7. Nelson Mandela (1918 – Present)


Nelson Mandela was the son of tribal chief person and became the president of South Africa from the year 1994 to 1999. He was the activist of militant anti- apartheid and was also the leader of Umkhonto we Sizwe.  He was imprisoned in the year 1962 as he was charged with sabotage and many other charges. He was given a punishment of life imprisonment. He spent 27 years of his life in Jail. He led movement against apartheid in South Africa. His spirit never shook even after spending so many years in jail. His Inaugural speech was very persuasive and inspired the audience. Nelson Mandela is a natural speaker, motivator and a natural leader.


6. John F. Kennedy (1917 – 1963)

John F Kennedy was the thirty fifth president of United States who served from the year 1961 to 1963.  He gave very inspiring and liberal speeches. His speech at the Berlin Wall in the year 1963 was one of his finest orations. This speech was to increase the confidence of the West Berliners who had a fear that they will be conquered by East German. His inauguration speech was so powerful and mesmerizing that people still remember it.  In his speech he spoke on the need for Americans to be active. He said” Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”. His speeches were full of energy that reflect youthfulness and were much personified.


5. Mohandas Gandhi (1869 –1948) 

Mahatma Gandhi was an influential figure in the history of India. His speeches were very motivational and inspired people to walk on the path of non-violence and fight for their country. The speech he gave during the Quit India movement on 8 August 1942 were to provoke the people to fight against the British rule but the resistance should be Passive and non –violent. The speech was among the best speeches he gave which not only motivated people against British rule but also gave the message of non-violence. Martin Luther King Jr.  also gave speeches that had the topics Mahatma Gandhi focused upon and on e among them is I have a Dream speech that promoted non-violence and equality of races.


4. Winston Churchill (1874 –1965)

When he was young army officer he had a brief stay in India in the year 1897, Winston Churchill wrote a very beautiful line telling about the importance of oration. The line is “ of all the talents bestowed on men, none is so precious as the gift of oratory. He gave very inspiring and famous speeches in the year 1940 during the beginning of the World War II. These speeches made him a very renowned orators ever known in the history. The speech he gave on June 18, 1940 is among his best speeches and it meant to inspire the people and increase their confidence during World War II. During that time Hitler and the nazi empire was a threat to Europe and Winston Churchill in his speeches told about the problems that the Europeans have to face if they came under Hitler.


3. Abraham Lincoln  (1809 –1865)

Abraham Lincoln was a great president of United states and was in position from the year 1861 till the year 1865. He was a self educated man and also became a lawyer.  Lincoln was a true spokesman and he had both the qualities a speaker requires: knowledge and intensity. Lincoln was a person who knew what is he talking about and what he meant  He was known to be the master of statement. His spoke mainly on objections to slavery. Lincoln’s Gettysburg speech in spite of being only three minutes long was a foundation stone of their history of America. His speeches united the nations and set a basis of American optimism.


2. Demosthenes (384–322 BC)

Demosthenes was another orator and statesman of Athens. He came over his stammering problem and began studying the speeches and orations of other Greek orators which included Pericles.  When he gave official orations in Greece he usually warned people in opposition to Phillip who was the king of Macedonia and also the father of Alexander the Great. Macedonian king set out on a mission to conquer Greece.  He gave three very harsh speeches against the Macedonian king which were called as the Philippics and even till date if someone gives an oration against someone the speech is called as Philippic.


1. Pericles (495-429 BC)

At the time of Golden ages, Pericles was a great orator in Greek. He  was a very influential person and was given the title of first man of Athens  He led Athens during 495-429 BC and this period was sometimes called as the period of Pericles. He supported art and literature and because of him Athens is regarded as the center of education and culture of Greece. He also promoted the Athenian democracy and is therefore called as a populist too. He is known to have given a new definition to the public speech in Athens. His funeral oration was renowned because it was actually a speech about the Athens achievements which helped to raise the spirit of war.


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