10 Countries that Receive Highest Foreign Aid

When a person is in trouble, all the others try their level best to help him. Similarly when a country is in financial and economical dept or becomes a victim of a natural disaster, the other countries do everything within their power to enable the country to stand on its feet again. One way of helping the country is by providing money, so that the nation can once again become capable of embellishment.The concept of this Foreign aid was introduced during the period of World War 2. Basically it was an aid given to the Western Europe and then Japan too, so that they could overcome the cataclysm.   Today this aid is given to those unfortunate and feeble countries, whose resources are not sufficient enough to fulfill the needs and demands of its citizens or those political situation is not stable. The countries which serve as the foreign aid donors are The United states of America, Japan, Germany, France, United Kingdom, etc.

There are many countries who procure foreign aid. According to the statics of the year 2010, the top ten countries are mentioned below. The Aid for many countries has been increased during the span of two years.


10. KENYA:

Kenya, a Christian country situated in the east Africa is on the tenth no to receive the highest foreign aid. Kenya is very rich in its resources; tea and coffee are one of its major products. This country is blessed with many blessing but due to current situation of the country it has to rely on the foreign aid. There is no proper budget plan related distribution the income of the country. Although the main religion of the country is Christianity, but one fifth of the country comprises of Hindus and Muslims. The main reason of the violence in this country is the conflict of different religion. It is found that the businesses which are run on a small and personal scale by the citizens are very much successful which signifies the fact the government pays no attention to the economical growth of the country. This country has potential to get back on the track but the government is corrupt to the backbone. The sum of 818.7 million dollars annually are being given to the country so that the country may become able to flourish on its own. Almost this whole sum is provided to rectify the dooming economy; a share of only 2.5 million dollars are preserved for the military assets


Colombia is a country situated in the south of America. This country has no particular religion. Its culture is actually a merger of different cultures. This country is very affluent in resources; many expensive minerals are found here, including gold and platinum. Petroleum and coal are also found here; this country is also capable of producing hydro-electricity, which signifies the fact that this country is capable of setting up many plants and factories. Despite all the assets, the country was unable to show any progress. The political situation of the country was and still is terrible. Thus the foreign aid was first given to Colombia nearly 10 years ago in order to eradicate the poverty and to secure the rights of citizens. Now an aid of 863.7 million dollars annually is given to the Colombia so that the country might overcome its crises. In which 677.9 million dollars are to recuperate the economy and 185.8 million dollars are named for the military.


Sudan is situated in the north of Africa, along with Egypt. It generally comprises of the Muslim population. The landscape of the country is mainly composed of deserts and mountains. There is also a small volcano in the center of the city, which is surrounded by mainly greenery. Oil is found beneath the land of Sudan, which is the only significant resource of the country. The geographical importance Sudan is very Prominent as it holds on to the flow of River Nile. The capital reason for providing the Aid to Sudan was to ensure the safety of human rights. Sudan has a very bad history when it comes to civil wars. Another principle reason for providing the Aid was to make sure that Sudan does not provide shelter to the terrorists.  An aid of 975.9 million dollar is being provided to Sudan. A budget of 870.9 million dollars are entitled to recuperate the economy of the state and 104.9 million dollars are designate for the armed forces.


Ethiopia is the 27th largest country, it comprises of Christian community. It is located in Africa. Even though the country is bantam, but Ethiopia plays the role of the symbol of independence in Africa. Also the country holds very substantial and tenacious Historical values; the place has been firm at its place in world map since the second century BC. The political situation of the country is not very good; the conflict between the political parties has been going in for years. As a result slowing down the pace of the country.  The country is very rich in its Vegetation; it also has many deserts and mountains under the wings of its territory. A sum of 981.8 million dollars is given to the country in the name of foreign aid to over come its financial crises. The entire money is entitled to the economical growth, only 0.3 million dollars are reserved for the military assistance.


Haiti is a slender Country, basically it is an island which is located north America. Actually this country is situated on a small portion of Hispaniola Island. The majority of its population follows the Roman Catholicism.  Like many other countries it is also blessed with gold as well as petroleum and other resources. Haiti has been going on its own since forever but a terrible need for foreign aid was required when this island became a victim of an earth quake on 12 January 2010. An aid of 1408.1 million dollars was given in the year 2010 to abet the country. Almost the whole amount of money is provided to mend its economical growth; only 1.8 million dollars are for the military assets


Egypt is positioned along with the Mediterranean Sea and Israel in the northwest of Africa. The population of this country is mostly Christian or Muslims. Still the country is predominantly influenced by its culture and tradition. Egypt is found to have a very prolonged history.  The land is bestowed with Oil and other natural gases Egypt is very exalted for its arts and custom. Despite such strong background Egypt is suffering from poverty. The political situation is atrocious, as the statesmen are paying no primary attention to the country. A provision of 1,698.9 million dollars is contributed to improve the situation of the country. In which only 397.0 million dollars are reserved for the economical growth and while the rest of 1,301.9 million dollars are to help the country in its military assets.

4. IRAQ:

Iraq is positioned in the continent of Asia and is surrounded by the curtains of mountains. It is a Muslim country. This country has been granted the power to two rivers Euphrates and Tigris. Rice, oil, petroleum, natural gas and minerals such as gold are the main resources of the state. This country requires the foreign Aid to reconstruct its assets, which were destroyed is the war held against the United States of America and The United kingdom. This war was held under a blatant misunderstanding, The US thought that Iraq is in the proprietorship of the weapons of the mass destruction. Now a provision of 2,087.9 million dollars is being given annually to the country so that they can rebuilt its estate. 1,081.9 million dollars for it economical growth and 1,006.0 million dollars for its military assistance


Israel is located in the middle of East. Its inhabitants are Jews. Israel is a strong country but it has some threats from its neighbor countries and an aid is provided to this country so that they can strengthen their military assets and become capable of defending its boundaries. The estate is Israel was given to the Jews so that they could establish their home in a separate land after the Second World War. Israel is among those countries who receive the highest foreign air as they receive as total some of 2,835.8 million dollars per year including their economical as well as military budget. In which only 36.3 million dollars is preserved for the economical growth while the rest is for the military budget.


Pakistan is an Asian country, situated along with china. The official religion of this country is Islam and also has a majority of Muslim population but Hindus and Christians also exist in a large number and serve as the minority. This country is very rich in all kind of resources; several kinds of mineral and gases are present in this country. A large salt mine has also been deposited in this place. The country enjoys a very vital position over the Indus valley. This country was earlier a part of India along with Bangladesh but after the independence in 1947, it has been suffering from economical and financial draw backs. Also the law and order situation of the country is abhorrent; the literacy rate is very low. The country has become a victim of the terrorist attacks for the past several years. This country is among those countries who enjoy a very vast amount of aid. To over come all its crises an aid of 2853.5 million dollars is being provided to the country.  1,939.6 million dollars are preserved to help the country in its economical growth and 913.9 million dollars to assist the country in enhancing its armed forces


Afghanistan is positioned in the neighbor of China in the western Asia. It is Muslim country. This country is among the largest nations of the world. Afghanistan’s land is bestowed with plenty on minerals yet Afghanistan is ranked among the poor nations of the world. A war was started in the year 2001 between the United States of America and Afghanistan which is still going on. In order to mend the economy of the country and to reconstruct its assets which have been destroyed in the war, An aid of 11,446.8 million dollars is being provided to the country. In which 6,800.3 million dollars are preserved for the military assistance and 4,646.5 million dollars are entitles to the economy. Afghanistan is the country which receives the highest amount of aid among all the handicap countries.


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