Top 10 Things China is Famous for Apart from Electronics

China…with the name only a very rich stuff of totally different culture comes in our minds. It’s a vast, amazing and very interesting country. On one hand china is having miles of deserts in the west whereas on other hand great beautiful ocean in the east. China is a country with the most rich and textured histories of all civilizations that encompasses over 5000 years. So in this way allot of things are there for china but top best things to know about china are…

10.Luck and Fortune.

There are several colors and shades which are known in Chinese culture. But the color red is the only color which is admired by the majority of china. The color red is a symbol of fortune, courage and also loyalty. The people of china while giving monetary gifts prefer to give them are a red envelope. The Chinese restaurants are mainly filled with this color only as this color is said to bring lots of fortune. In the case of luck and fortune they just don’t believe in colors, they also represent numbers. In this case the number 8 is said be lucky while the number 4 is said to be unlucky.  They say that the number 8 is equivalent to the word wealth in Chinese culture.

9. Tai Chi

Martial arts are also a great thing which makes china extremely famous. This was initiated as the part of self-defense. Tai Chai encompasses a sequence of actions, which are done in slow motion. Practising these therapies on daily basis can help in reducing stress and will lead to the improvement of health. The breathing is also controlled in this Tai Chai. This is an original invention of China and is also known as moving meditation. The thing is not only famous in China but is getting a lot of hype in west part of the world too.

8. Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

According to Chinese people the environment is in an intimate relation with life. In previous era the world revolved around the Chinese medicines and Acupuncture. These inventions of Chinese therapy got the inception from Taoist philosophy. When ying and yang are imbalanced, this is considered as the major disease according to Chinese. These people have invented the therapy of acupuncture which helps in restoring the imbalance in ying and yang. The therapy is preceded using needles which are pierced in the body.  This is the good alternative and Chinese people highly believe in these therapies and so they use them widely.

7. Panda bears

This is a mammal which is one among the factors which makes china famous. The mammal who give birth to small babies is around 5-6 feet tall. The animal is also very heavy and it weighs around 350lbs. The animal is a symbolic of this famous country china. The animal these days is found in the list of endangered mammals. In San Diego Zoo two panda bears were found.

6. Population

China is said to have the largest population all around the world.  This is the most overpopulated country of the world. The number of people residing in the country is around 1,324,854,000. The population of United States is about one digit less than the population of china which is 304,558,000 in number.

5. Food: Century Eggs

Chinese food is also much known all over the world. One among the famous food of china is century eggs. These eggs are also popularly known as one thousand year or one hundred year old eggs. The dish is said to be very delicate and sensitive. These days are made up by using much kind of ingredients. And also are prepared by burying them underground for many weeks.

4. Great Wall of  china

Great Wall of China is counted as one among the seven wonders. The place is extended up to the area of around 6,700 km which is 4,160 miles. The Great Wall of China was built in order to protect the country from the invaders like Mongolians and many more. In 7th century when china was divided in small pieces named as states the building up of this wall took place. The wall is very large and mesmerizing  it is said that since the wall is very big so one can even observe the wall from the space. The wall is made up of many different materials encompassing lime, tiles, bricks, stone and many more.

3. Terracota Army

This Terracota Army is said to be one among the most china is famous for. This figure was built by the emperor of China named as Emperor Qin. The place is like which consists of life-size warriors who were built for the protection of emperor even after he was dead. In 1974 these terracota army was found by local farmers of the area, who were there to drill the well. At this time it is converted into the museum named as Xi’an, Shanxi province which has taken around 16,300 square metres of area. The place is mainly divided into three pits. The architecture is found to be very graceful and charming. Apart from this there are thousands of warriors each with a different physique.

2. One child policy

China is also very famous of the unique policy it had which says that a married couple can have just one child and if they get to exceed the limit of one child then they are punished. Such parents who had twins or triplets were excluded from their society and were also made to pay large amount of fines. Also they were not given any sort if bonuses from their jobs

1. Inventions

China is the place which is very much known for his inventions worldwide. Loads and loads of great inventions have taken place till 2012 and china is also among those countries who are thanked for giving such great inventions to this world. Mainly there are three great and remarkable inventions.  China invented things like printing, paper and gunpowder. Paper one among the most essential things was the invention which was given by China itself. The paper produced was made by mixture of mulberry tree bark, old linens, fish nets and also hemp. All these were ground and created a pulp out of them and then finally they were dried in the sunlight to make a fine paper. The book name Diamond Sutra was also the one by them additionally they were the one who invented printing machines, both movable and woodblock printing. Also the charcoal was their invention too. They made it by mixing sulphur and saltpeter. Apart from this today china is still gaining the fame all around by creating new technologies in each field. The electronic things made by china consisting of electronic toys, car, cell phones and many more are used in bulks all around the world. Also China is the one who provides latest technologies at a very reasonable price.


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