Top 10 Safest Places in United States

Everyone wants a place which has very little to worry about. In other words every one of us wants a place which is safe enough to live. So here we have the list of top 10 safest places of United States. People find themselves lucky enough if they ever get a chance to live at these places.

10. Toms River, New Jersey


Toms River is the city situated in New Jersey. The population of this city is around 91,239. The population of the city is divided into the ratio of African American, Caucasian and also other races. The city has 89.9 percent of total population as Caucasian, 2.7 percent as African American and the remaining percentage has the other races. New Jersey is the ocean country in which the city Toms River Township is located. Previously the city was named as Township of Dover, but in recent years its name changed to Toms River Township. The city was established by Royal Charter on 1st march as Dower Township. The city was ranked as the 14th safest city in the United State by Morgan Quinto Press in the year 2006


9. Cary, North Carolina

In the state North Carolina, Cary is considered to be the 7th largest city. The total population of the city is around 135,234 where 73.1 percent of population is occupied by Caucasian and the remaining percent of population is shared by both African American and other races respectively. This city is said to be the second largest municipality of that country.  The city is assumed to be the fastest growing municipality of the United States. Additionally this city named Cary is the third largest city which contributes to the metropolitan area.

8. Colonie, New York

Colonie is the city situated in New York. The total population of the city is 81,591. In this amount of population 90.55 percent of the population is Caucasian. 3.96 percent and 5.85 percent is occupied by African American and other races respectively. Colonie is counted as the most populous colony of Albany, New York. Also the Colonie is the 3rd largest town in terms of area in the Albany country. The town is located at the northern border of the country, Albany, New York. This area is further divided in two areas named as Menands and Colonie.

7. Thousand Oaks, California

Thousand Oaks is located in California with the population of around 126,683. Unlike others this city also has a mixture of population of Caucasian, African American and also the other races. In United States, Thousand Oaks is the city situated in the south-east part of Ventura Country in California. The city was named as Thousand Oaks because the area consists of thousands of Oak trees which magnify the beauty of the given area. The most populated part of the regional area named as Conejo Valley is formed by this city itself. In 2006, the city was marked as one among the best places to live by a local daily magazine. The city was created by Janss Investment Company as a part of master planned city.

6. Lake Forest, California

Lake Forest is another city in California with the population of about 77,264, in which 70 percent of the people are Caucasian and the remaining include other races and African American. Orange Country is the place in which the city named Lake Forest is located. Morgan Quinto, which is said to be a private research firm, had ranked Lake Forest as the 15th safest city of the country to live. The boundaries of the city also include Foothill Ranch and also the Portola Hills. These two are said to be the master planned development which incorporated new houses. Additionally in 2007 the city was ranked 10th in the list of safest city by another firm in US. The city is named so because it has two lakes. Both the lakes are not natural rather they are artificially constructed.

5. Clarkstown, New York

Clarkstown is the city with the approximate population of around 84,187, which is located in New York. Clarkstown is the town in the eastern part of New York. Around 79 percent of the total population of the city is Caucasian. The town is located in the Rockland Country of New York. Additionally the city is counted as the 5th safest city of the country.

4. Mission Viejo, California

Mission Viejo is the city with the population of around 93,305 and is encompassed by California. It is located in the southern part of the country. The city encompasses mainly the residential areas. The city named Mission Viejo is the largest master planned communities. Around 79.8 percent of the total population of the city is Caucasian. The Picturesque tree- lined neighborhood is the thing for which the city is known all around the country. This picturesque-lined neighborhood has received it recognition from National Arbor Day Foundation. The city was considered as the third safest city in US and also the safest city in California in the year 2009.

3. Amherst, New York

Amherst is the town with the population of 122,366 in Erie Country. The city was placed at 42nd position in the list of best places to live at by in July 2010. Also the place is considered to be one among the best place for the communities of young people. In Buffalo, New York the city is most populous and also the largest community. The state university of New York is also the part of this city.

2. Brick Township, New Jersey

Brick town is the town located in New Jersey and has the population of around 75,072. The population of this city consist of highest amount of Caucasian i.e. 93.05 percent. The city is the 3rd largest municipality of the country. On 15th February, 1850, New Jersey Legislature was responsible for the formation of the town. In 2006 the city was at 5th position in the list of the safest cities. Before this in 2003 it was at position 2nd in the same list.

1. Newton, Massachusetts

Newton is the city situated in Massachusetts with the population of around 85,146. Around 79.6 percent of the total population of the city is Caucasian whereas it has 2.5 percent and 17.9 percent of African American and other races respectively. The city is in the Middlesex country of New York. The city does not have a single center city. It consists of around thirteen villages. In 2010 the US census made this city, the eleventh largest city in the state with the population of 85,146. MBTA has served this city in three modes: commuter rail, light rail and also the bus service. Newton has been the consistently ranked on the first position when the thing came to best and safe living. The city is filled with beautiful and historical sites which include West Parish, Crystal Lake and many more.

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